July 30, 2013

Exercising my Hand - That's What This Is

I gained some freedom yesterday!  We headed over to the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office for post-op exam and further instructions.  I got my stitches out!  Now I’m trapped with 3 Butterfly tape stitches until this weekend.  And then – I’m supposed to become very intimate with my hand.

Get yer mind outta the gutter!  I’m supposed to massage the wound with vitamin E oil.

This time – I cornered him into clarification between a couple instructions.  I’m not allowed to carry or hold anything with weight – whatsoever – until after August 6th.  And then I begin with light weights and work my way up.

I guess that leaves out hauling 50lb. sacks of feed around for a while more.

But I have not been an angel.  And I really don’t care what anyone thinks about it.  All the naggers are usually the ones that haven’t gone through the surgery.  Go figure.  " Shut up.  I can order Voo Doo Dolls, online. "

I got so fed up with everything being done to my body and put into my body giving me a list of more problems – enough that I made a pretty serious decision.  I just quit eating and taking any kind of pill.  I drank some coffee – on occasion.  Instead – I just drank water.

Somehow – a $15 plastic jar full of Chocolate-Covered Almonds I’d just bought at Costco dwindled down to about 1 cup left in the whole container.  Was not me.  I lost 6 pounds!  I made my husband stand with me while I got on the scale.

I still have a far way to go.  But Jen helped with getting 6 pints of Jalapeno Peppers canned.

And last night – Dwayne and I finished putting up 4 jars of homemade jelly from our ‘ Kay Gray ‘ grapes!  Our first batch – ever – so far!  We made the recipe that does not call for pectin ( less sugar! ).  Trust me.  A little bit goes a long way on a piece of toast.  And the flavor is absolutely amazing!

We got this shot of the spaghetti and yellow hook-neck squash popping for us in the tire – before we had to yank it out.  Those damn squash borers.  Maybe next year.

This is what I thought was a different variety of Kale.  Yeah.  The ranch dressing goes with it really well!  Ha!  What can I say?  The leaves never killed me!  Worked in my salads for a while – until I realized it was Broccoli.

They say you get an average of 5-6 Eggplant from this plant.  Well.  That was about 4 Eggplant back – and even more are on the way!

Our ‘Carmine Splendor F1’ Okra from Johnny’s Seeds is looking gorgeous!  And just loaded with oncoming Okra!

The Purple Hull Peas get along with the Okra really well!

I love the flowers from the Purple Hull Peas!

And the pods are huge!

The green beans are blooming now.  Won’t be long!

The Peppers are loaded and doing really wonderful!  The Lettuce is looking gorgeous.  But I’m getting ready to replant that.  Getting too tall for the peppers.

The tomatoes are doing really good.  And I’ve started letting them go to fruit.  The carrots around them are throwing out the tops like it’s nobody’s business.  And the Basil is just downright happy!

Okay – one more thing and then I gotta go.   My hand’s throwing dirty looks – threatening to slap me.  Totally showing the hand that I can use a hammer with my right hand.

Like I’d really do that!  But the hand does not know.


What do you do when somebody commits to cutting your hay – and then never bothers showing up or calling?

You go buy your own damn equipment.

And you never forget what happened.

Blue Hay baler in the back.
Dwayne had just picked up the sickle-mower and hoisted it off the pickup bed so he could go buy the rake.

The Rake.

Okay.  Off to rest.


A Lady's Life said...

I am glad your hand is getting better.
I would probably use my arm. I am a very bad patient. lol
I am glad to see you have your own hay equipment and that your garden is growing so nicely.
I love to watch gardens grow.

Queenacres said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again...hope you are feeling well and at least TRY not to over do it!!

Deb said...

Your garden looks wonderful! Have fun with that haying...I'd be wanting to do my own too, even though it can be a job! :-))