August 2, 2013

Each Experience is Its Own


April was let into the paddock with Artist on July 28th!

Mind you – April turns 16 months old on August 1st.  Artist is now 18 months old.

Both are Virgins.  Ha!  I’m just excited and wait with a thrill in my heart to see what new little bundle will arrive next year!

I am downright amazed by how sweet and polite Artist is with April.  He's a perfect gentleman.  Not showing the least amount of aggressiveness to get what he wants. Perfectly happy to allow her to call the shots.  Very loving toward her!

Ya' hardly even know he's around anymore!  He's so calm!

Prior to having my surgery - I experienced an entirely different outlook from others about post-op expectations compared to all that has transpired - in my case anyway.

With only having Dwayne and I to run this place – it had me pretty scared.

I know what I take care of around here.  And I knew Dwayne had no idea.  At the same time – I was worried about my husband trying to take care of – everything.  Not just all my load.  He has his own load around here – relative to the tractor.  And power tools.

I’m so glad I feel as good as I feel today.  As usual – getting off the pain pills was easy for me.  I hate those things.  Can I just be honest here?  I will never understand anybody wanting to become addicted to anything having the power to flat-dab plug your ass up forever!

The looks on faces when being told to make sure I don’t use my hand – had me thinking it would be a horrible temptation.  But when the future depends on my hands – I’m not gonna screw with a Doctor’s orders.

Are there really people out there that blow it off and do so anyway?

Anyway – the surgeon was very pleased with the results.  He decided to inform me that he was most worried about my thumb.  He was afraid I would be losing use of it – because I was well on the way with ‘ Level 4 ‘ of the 4 levels he uses for measuring severity of Carpal Tunnel cases.

Never thought I'd ever see a day when I'd feel this way, but...

I’m happy to be able to brush my teeth – brush my hair and eat with my left hand again!


Deb said...

So glad you are taking things slow and things are going well for you! :-))

A Lady's Life said...

Oh boy I hope you get your thumb back.
I too hate to take medicine and don't understand people who like to live on the stuff.
Work aside, I love the farm life.