July 15, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow - Next 4 Months Crazy

I decided to drop a few things on the list and get a posting in before I go in for Carpal Tunnel surgery tomorrow morning.  They’ll be doing my left hand first.  The right hand will come a few weeks later – once the left hand has healed enough for me to be able to use it.

I’ve put up with the pain for so long that I’m not even worried about the surgery.  More than anything – I’m worried about my husband.  To begin with – he’s having to use all his vacation time to be at home taking care of me and our little micro-farm.

I’ve been trying to get as many things taken care of and out of the way since my last posting.  There’s been quite a bit going on.  And this deal with the Carpal Tunnel has just wedged itself smack in the middle of some crucial events going on here.

The 2 bull calves have some major turning points coming this next week.  Thank God – Dwayne has a couple of friends that will be able to come help.  Dodger and Stormy are being tagged and de-horned.  Both will be given their intranasal vaccines.  And Stormy will be banded.

I’ll be in the babies’ sight for dispersing the intranasal vaccines.  But I’m disappearing for all the other work.  I’ll be honest.  I’m not happy about these tasks being taken care of so far from the date of their birth.  But I am not the only human living here.  I haven’t been able to get in there and do it myself – no thanks to the Carpal Tunnel.  My choices were outvoted somehow. So – Dwayne gets to deal with all that stuff without me around.  He gets to work 3 times harder to regain trust with those 2 boys.

And if the flies bring problems after the de-horning - he'll just have to put up with another Vet bill.  End of THAT conversation.

Speaking of Vet bills…

We had to have Dr. Kate come out to help us with Miss Cora.  My eyes fell upon a nasty surprise at the feeder bunker a couple weeks ago.

Long story short – it was an old nail in one of the boards from the barn – all from time before we bought this place.  Cora had shoved on the Cattle Rub enough to yank it off the barn wall – and the piece of board went with it.

Apparently – her foot got tangled in the mess and she took a nail to her leg above the hoof.  Dwayne had cleared all the debris from the outside stall.  But I found the projectile that evening – at the feeder.

It’s always been a habit for me to check my animals out while they’re feeding.

I conned her into the barn with no sweat – before Kate arrived.  But it took 2 darts before she went down.

We got lucky.  The nail went in and out – in 2 different places – completely missing anything significant.  Would have been able to drain.  Even better that I found it before that became any issue.  All that was needed was a thorough cleansing and a Tetanus vaccine.

Well - Dwayne ended up searching the bedding with a magnet - until he found the nail.  It popped out when she stood up after her first drunken fall.  LOL

Took advantage of Cora while we had her down.  Finally – Kate was able to hit her with her annuals and replace her tag.

She was pretty drunk for a while – even after she could maintain standing on all four legs!  We took advantage of that opportunity as well!  Dwayne and I spent time loving on her – just petting her pretty face and – finally – getting to touch her!

She’s just like me.  She doesn’t remember a thing.  We’re back to ‘ don’t touch me, ‘ again.

At this point in time – the garden is coming along.  We had to replant tomatoes.  I had to re-seed squash and melons.  Oddly enough – the squash that are coming along are from seeds I saved out of Spaghetti squash that I purchased at the grocery store last year.  All others failed – including all the melons.

We’ve already harvested 4 eggplant and a mess of Cilantro and Jalapeno peppers!

Purple hull peas – Okra - and Green Beans are coming along just wonderfully!  We’ll be amending the tires around beginning of August and seeding the one where the melons failed – with Kale.  We’ll be planting more cilantro and spinach seeds.  If I find room – more carrots.

The 18" rubber stepping stones I ordered from Home Depot arrived!  I picked them up from the store in Lenoir City last week.  Hoping I’ll feel up to getting them set in sometime this next weekend.

I am flat-dab loving my  little $9.99 yellow rose bush that I bought at the Flower Shop inside Food City!  So perrrrty!

And the Butterfly Flower bush that we bought at Garden of Eden is putting out a new wave of flowers.  That tells me it has established its roots nice and comfy in its new home and feels quite content!

Our Gang of 24 is doing just fabulous!  Everybody is growing and staying perfectly healthy – minus one of our Roos that bruised his hip – and his ego - by jumping from the coop rafters.  Both the boys have began crowing.  Not quite perfected.  But enough to stir the sense of humor out of us and our neighbors!

Yet – we are all amazed by how quiet 2 dozen birds have been – compared to the 4 that we sent to Heaven before bringing these chicks home!

The date is set for August 13th when Dwayne will be taking Patty and Killian to butcher.  All in all – we have Decided that behaviors in Patty are something that do not fit in the plan and hopes we have for our herd here.  Most of all – we’re not happy with the obvious fear of humans she manages to instill in the cattle around her.

And she has a very bad habit of hurting the others if you threaten to not let her have her way with anything.

Through all the moving about and swapping out roommates during various stages of ongoings around here – I’ve seen enough to know how much of a difference in gentleness is exhibited by others when Patty is nowhere around.

I’ve also experienced a second go-round of a difference in time and techniques I’m having to try and find during training with her calves.  Once I get them away from her and give of myself to them – they become absolutely lovable!  My concern is her bad behavior showing up in her offspring and other cattle after watching her behavior.

Something I am seeing in both of Cora’s calves – Killian and Stormy – is possible aggression.  Stormy is already behaving very headstrong as he becomes older.  It is a trait far from the gentleness we are looking for in any bull.  Therefore – Stormy will be banded and tagged for the freezer in the future.

Killian’s bad feet are the main reason for his trip to the freezer.

We jeri-rigged half the barn alley for the bull calves as a creep feeder and a place to just get away and rest during the heat of the day.  Dwayne and I yanked out the divider a couple days ago – to give more room for training the boys to walk on their lead ropes.

Miss April has chosen to start laying in front of the door since we pulled the dividers out of the alley.  She knows those babies are in there - and the dividers are gone!  She turns 16-months-old on August 1st.  Once she shows signs of going into heat – we’ll be introducing her to Artist!

She's getting so big now!  And she just becomes more beautiful every day!  She is ' Mama's Girl ' through and through!  And she loves her Mama!

Bruce will be going to Killian’s paddock while this takes place.  I bet he’ll miss the baths given by Artist.

We expect Cora to go in with Artist around the end of August – after Patty and Killian are taken to butcher.  This will - also - give the calves more time around one of the Moms to aide in a smooth transition during weaning for both calves.  Cora is known to nurse both the boys!

I’m pulling tail hairs from Dodger today.  The more time I spend with him – the more he just melts in my arms.  But more importantly – all visuals of his physique give both of us reason for seeing possibility in a really nice bull out of the line coming from PF Little Big Man!

So far - there is no other progeny – that we know to be registered - to carry on the line between Patty and Little Big Man.  And it is a really good line with great potential.  If we get testing results on a few other things that please us well enough – Dodger will be kept intact and registered.  If not - he'll be banded as soon as we receive test results.

I would say things will be quite different within the next 4 months.  But I think we’ll be quite pleased!  I’m even counting on the replacement of tomato plants as a sign that tomatoes won’t be ready for canning until after both my hands have healed from surgery!

I hope all of you are hanging in there and receiving blessings from God along the way.  I’ll keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers while I’m away from the keyboard.

Well – I might try cheating once in a while – henpecking on Twitter when I get a chance.  Ha!


Phelan said...

Wow, so much going on. Will keep you in my thoughts.

Queenacres said...

I'll be praying for your speedy recovery..please take it easy (yeah like THAT's gonna happen...but TRY). Everything at your place is looking so good!

Deb said...

I hope all goes well, and you recover quickly! It's to bad your hubby has to take all his vacation, but hopefully this will help you to have less pain, and be able to do more when it's done! :-))