June 10, 2013

Some Things Just Aren't Worth Being on The Battle List

We have been extremely overwhelmed here at our place.  Kinda funny.  I overheard a young woman in the grocery store this past Friday - complaining about her fingernail coming off.  Another young woman advised her to go back to the salon and make them put a new one on for her.

The next thing I heard was the cashier.  “ Ma’am?  Ma’am. “

I guess I was just that stunned.  I remember driving home wishing I could be 21 years old again.  I don’t think I’d know how to handle life if all I had to worry about was a fingernail coming off.

This has been a month for picking our battles.

Stormie managed to remove his combo halter/lead rope.

Oh, well.  Cora’s got him for another couple months.  And then I get him.  In the meantime - both the boys are loving their space that Hubs rigged up for 'em!  Gotta feeling it's the easiest and cheapest Creep Feeder around!

I’m procrastinating on setting up the appointment for taking Killian to the Butcher.

I know Hubs hasn’t quite figured out how he’s gonna get the little fart into the trailer.  That’s a fight I don’t feel like putting up with.  Hoping I can arrange to be in Farragut that day. 

I guess I'll know better next time.  All the seedlings need to be out of the portable greenhouse and planted or passed around before the Wrens are ready to build their nests.

Dwayne had made arrangements with a neighbor – back in March – to cut and bale our hay field.  We lost our entire field of hay.  It was never cut.  We were never called.  No visit was paid to our home.

We chose not to go a 2nd week without hay.  We bought a load of hay this past Friday – in another county.

We have decided not to bother trying to find anyone to cut our hay field anymore.  We’ve made other plans.

Our Azaleas woke up and gave us the most beautiful blanket of color.  It was awesome!

I managed to get out there and get photos on Friday morning.  It was nice to see that little white one perk up and burst!

And then I went out there the very next morning and found this.

And this.

The entire pink salmon Azalea went to hell – overnight.  About a third of the white one went with it.

The only thing we do know is – it rained overnight.  I’ve never seen rain do this to Azaleas.  And Jen said her rose bushes had done the same thing.  She and Josh live about 20 minutes from us.

But I guess I’ll just get to prune them sooner and finish that area of the flowerbed.

After all these years of improvising with some pretty off-the-wall strategies for keeping raw eggs from rolling off the counter when I’m cooking or baking – I found a simple way that had me laughing at myself.

Stops it right in its own tracks!

If only something equally as easy would help me get Patty to compromise over those babies!

" Yeah, well... you're fatter than me, Patty!  And I can eat ice cream.  YOU can only MAKE part of it! "

~ snicker... ~

" Mama always wins! "


A Lady's Life said...

aw Poor Killian

I have noticed my plants don't like the water from the tap. Must be all the stuff they put in it.

Deb said...

Good luck getting your cow in the trailer! *giggle* Know ALL ABOUT trying to get one in that just DOESN'T want to go! Can't remember if I ever shared the story on my blog of trying to get that wild cow we had in Nebraska, in the trailer when we sold her. OMGoodness, THAT was a rodeo if there ever was one...and there were at least 5 of us there trying to load her!

Not to worry you or anything...sorry! *snicker* :-))