June 14, 2013

One by One... They Leave Us. RIP Rickey Bolin

I sometimes consider my life as having many puzzles that have been laid out and put together on card tables – one table beside another.  Almost feels like God goes back and forth – finding pieces here and there - and putting them into proper place.  And my life comes together – sometimes in ways that are so unexpected – although accepted because only God knows.

Ever since my Dad ( Marty ) passed away in 1980 – it’s felt as if God chose to take one of my most favorite puzzles back to Heaven.  And I’ve watched as pieces were being added.  This week has carried a rather melancholy umbrella over me – in everything I do each day.  For another special piece was added to that particular puzzle – on June 8, 2013.

Skippy Bullard – Ronnie ‘R.L.’ Latimer – and now Rickey Bolin.  If ever there really were 3 Stooges… oh, My God.  Does Heaven have its hands full now.

Rickey was the very first one I called after finding out through the newspaper on Thanksgiving morning – 1991 - about Skippy being run over and killed in the middle of the night.  I don’t remember much about that phone call – beyond sitting on a floor – holding the phone to my ear – falling apart.  I can still feel my mouth working through all the sobbing.  But long gone is memory of what was said.

I think the last time I spoke to Rickey was around 1999.  Not sure.  So much has gone throughout my life until today.  The hike through Hell on Earth has not been easy.  Some of us just dig deeper than others to put one foot in front of the other – with no choice other than being stuck here to continue on.  My life with Dwayne has been compensation from God – for which I never go a day without feeling the utmost joy and gratitude.

I’ve moved on – as they always say you should.  I am happy.  I didn’t think God could muster up what it would take to come anywhere near all that I adored about Skip.  But He did.  Dwayne can even weld.  His first major project was a goose-neck horse trailer that won FFA State Championship in Texas during his high school years.  Yet - It is what it is.  Until the day I die there will always be that “ if it had not happened… “ thing that will exist.

Pipefitters and Welders.  Hell livin’ with ‘em.  Can’t live without ‘em.  They are their own breed of Men.  But one by one – that very special group of Hellions in my life are meeting up with one another again – in Heaven.

The comfort and solace I find is within the fact that they can all be together again.  But at the same time – now they can all be with every one of us – no matter where we roam on this planet that’s losing its mind.

For today – as the celebration of Rickey’s life takes place down in Texas City – I prefer to hold this vision...

While everyone able to attend the service sits together in the same room – my Dad and all the other guys are standing beside Rickey as their spirits join everyone as well.

For every moment that we think of either of them – we should hold on to knowing that they’ve popped into our mind because they’re standing right there beside us.

I’m not able to join all the others for Rickey’s funeral service today.  But we’re having a really wonderful cool and crisp morning that is absolutely gorgeous!  Dwayne has come home from work and gone to bed.  And I think I will just grab me a cup of this freshly brewed coffee that I made with our camp stove – go sit out on our back porch for a bit…

Spend time reflecting on good memories of Rickey and all those crazy times with them all - while I watch our babies play!

I hope God lets my Dad bring all those pipefitters to visit me here.  I’d love for them to see how well my life has turned out!  And without a doubt – they’ll all get to find out all the truths and just how special they were in my life.

Something special for all those wonderful puzzle pieces...


A Lady's Life said...

I so do believe we all meet up up there. I so do believe they watch us from up there and still worry about us.
You gaze up at the sky and yet don't see the parallel dimension right beside us where they are alive and well and maybe have more powers than we do.
Yes God has a plan for us all and life is a journey where have to figure out what it is exactly we were sent to do here. lol

Condolences Sweetie.

Karen said...

I am sorry for the loss of you dear friend. Blessings, Karen

Deb said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. :(