May 31, 2013

Sometimes... Cookies Just Don't Matter

( That Salmon-Pink Azalea finally woke up! )

Back in early March of this year – I reached that point of pain where I had to cave in to calling the doctor.  I’d already tried finding a different doctor.  But when I described what was happening - nobody seemed to wanna touch the situation.

Now I know why.  They all belong to large corporations that won’t allow them to cut to the chase and go directly to the problem.  Instead – they’re expected to jump through all kinds of ignorant hoops – anarchy running the show based upon how much something costs – rather than a cure.  Or – forcing patients to ride a bull that they work very hard at trying to milk.

In other words – Doctors are not allowed to be real Doctors anymore.

( I now have to use my MixMaster for Kneading Dough. )

The pain runs from my shoulder joints to the tips of my fingers.  The more I use my hands during each day – the more I lose the use of them.  Getting through washing a sink full of dishes is becoming more and more difficult – depending on my eyes more than touch.

I can’t feel through my fingertips. My hands swell and it becomes more difficult to clinch a fist.  I'm having to take lots of breaks while at the keyboard - which is an absolute pain in my ass.

Going for that damned Nerve Conduction test on both arms has become no option.  A few weeks of Physical Therapy only showed temporary relief – especially after sessions of electrical stimulation on my neck.

Dwayne went to the doctor with me.  There was a lot of discussion about the surgery for Carpal Tunnel.  They only do one hand at a time.  Each surgery would require at least 6 weeks healing and recuperation.

Two people running things around here.  One of them with a full time job on a schedule that is switching to graveyards – which always ends up turning 4 days off into only 2 real days off.  And the other about to lose hands for 3 whole months – along with losing time for even more Physical Therapy after the surgeries.

Nobody else near us to help.

( Twice now - April has shown she is a twisted cow loves playing in the Sprinkler! )

I told my Doctor that if this test proved conclusive in requiring the surgeries – I needed both of them done before school begins next August.  I explained that our only hope would be to contact our local 4-H Director.

We might get lucky if we invited them out to our place – and asked if they might be able to hook us up with kids and their parents to line up help while the kids are out for school break.  Most kids around here only know of Angus and Dairy cattle.  Introduction to the Dexter Cattle could have turned out to be quite a learning experience for the kids – as well as the canning and freezing of all the fruits and vegetables from the garden and trees.

My Doctor thought it was a great idea and agreed that it should be possible.  I was sent home with another prescription and told to wait for the lab to contact me for setting up the appointment.

Almost 2 weeks passed before they even called me to set up the damned appointment.  And then…

The soonest they could even set me up with an appointment for the test was June 24th.  It could be Halloween before I manage to get passed this friggin’ nightmare.

Great Job Summit Medical Group!

And I’m supposed to believe they’re trying to heal me.

We’re being forced into a last option risk – placing an ad to find someone with a job and their own transportion interested in paying a low rent to live and work on a Hobby Farm without all the outrageous mortgage and other bills.  They wouldn’t even have to buy their own groceries – unless there were other items that they would want.

Dwayne and I came up with asking for $300.00 per month for a single working guy.  Or - $500.00 per month for a married couple with no children – having their own transporation and - at least one of them having a job.  We only have 1 spare bedroom.

( Only because HE was the one that put the Sprinkler out for her! )

It would be as if they’re living on their own Hobby Farm and working an outside job – same as Dwayne.  The only difference is they would have the same help as we’re asking – minus all the financial headaches.  Well – at the same time - they wouldn’t have the chores of cooking – cleaning – laundry and such - to handle alone.

Everyone would chip in to help with all the daily chores – along with animal care and the seasonal chores of canning and freezing food to put away.

Granted.  I would need extra help and be less dependable for the 3 months I’m out of commission after the 2 surgeries.  But I would have use of 1 hand and arm that could help with a few things.  And I’d be full benefit of help after the surgeries.

Given time – this would make it possible to get a lot of other things knocked off the list.  It would make it possible for us to slip off for a day of fishing – or a weekend of camping.  We’d be able to plan for the annual trips to the national meetings for ADCA.  We might be able to set up an area for raising a hog to provide our own pork.  Goats could even enter the picture.

Who knows.  The opportunity to finish the basement could even become a reality.

( Ya' even give 'em cookies,  but... )

Anybody think this would be a bad idea? 


Deb said...

If you can stand to have someone else around, and find someone willing I think it would be great! Not sure I'd like always having someone in my space...but then that's just me. LOL Good luck finding dependable help...I'm not as trusting as I used to be so have to wonder how easy that will be!

A Lady's Life said...

I think you should approach schools and social services who need foster homes for kids.
They might even pay you to keep a child or two for the summer for good ol fashioned farm work.
What a better way to spend summer than with a cow and dog and goats and learn the tools of the trade.
and for the company.
Many kids are abused and would love a safe place to live.

Moosters said...

Just wanted to tell you how gorgeous your April is! I wish you great luck in finding someone....we're just not that trusting, I guess. Rock and a hard place is not a fun place to be....