May 24, 2013

Color Popping Everywhere - Even on Feet!

We are in the heated days of Glory here.  It just doesn’t matter how warm it gets – you don’t mind one bit – as long as that wonderful scent of Honeysuckle is hanging around so heavily!  It’s enough to make you find every reason you can think of to keep your butt outside!

And we’re getting a triple blessing this year.  The blooms are everywhere.  The Wild Rose and the Wild Privet are blooming in sync with the Honeysuckle.

It just doesn't get any better in Spring!

I’ve been swamped with mowing and spring cleaning in the house.  We’re revamping the spare bedroom – making room for finding some help to move in with us.  Hubs is home for a change-over.  He’s switching over to Graveyard shift for 4 months.  So, we’re trying to get more projects out of the way. ( Future post about this. )

We continued working on the front driveway area of the yard yesterday.  Got the border, landscaping fabric and mulch down before the afternoon rampage of thunderstorms slammed us!

Hard to see in the photo above, but this little beauty is planted at the right-side end of the bed.  I just love this little Sweetheart Rose!  Works with the Red Rose so nicely!  Starts out a bright orange color.  Finishes out with this sweet blend that melds into pink!

Waiting on the Salmon Pink and White Azaleas to finish out their bloom is holding us up from finishing with more garden soil – landscape fabric and fresh mulch under the landing of the staircase.  I’ll be pruning their undergrowth for ventilation and keeping varmints from any temptation to bed up there during the hot days of Summer!

I’ll be pruning the backside of the Salmon Pink Azalea to encourage new growth to spread in the opposite direction – toward the grass.  It’s becoming a bit of a Hog with the space and crowding out everything else under there.

I just wish this White Azalea would hurry up and wake up.  This puppy seems to be in no hurry.

But these little babies are in a hurry!  I love doing this.  Watch!  They’ve gone from this…

To this...

And now this!  The one in the very front is the Dominating Americauna Rooster.  We seem to have 2 in the whole bunch – both Americaunas.

They’ve been out in the coop for several days now.  I had to go in with my tiny garden rake and ramrod ‘em all out the little door to the little yard.

It was a challenge until I put a 5 gallon bucket in front of the door inside the coop – to buy me enough time to get out to the little yard and shut the door!

A couple times of going back in and snagging up a few that got back inside.  Hanging their feed out there helped a lot!  And now they’ve all come to enjoy being out there since then!

This is the 2nd Roo.  He’s quite a bit smaller at this time.  But they both look like they’re gonna put out some really beautiful colors!

I’ve found the best way to tell the difference between the Americaunas and the Rhode Island Reds.  The RIRs have yellow feet.  The Americaunas have green feet.  That’s what color they look to me anyways.  I mean – they don’t even look brown or black.  And they’re far from being white!

They’re growing fast – which is a good thing.  Won’t be long before we’ll be able to turn ‘em out into the big yard.  Considering how the clover in the little yard disappeared in 1 day – we’re holding off on weedeating the Big yard.

We’ll just let them handle that one!


Deb said...

Glad you are getting some things done...hope you find some help. :-))

A Lady's Life said...

I love chicks and watching them grow is a lot of fun.
I am glad you are loving each and every day.