February 19, 2013

Opening a Can of.... *snicker*

Remember this shot from last week?
I opened a can of worms last week.  Taken me this long to calm down.  Seems like the hardest lesson we’re learning these days is …
" Pack the Charmin and carry a Baseball Bat. "
Just kidding.  But it does seem like we’re being shoved into a corner that feels very cold and hard – when it comes to doing business with local people.
When you go out every day – twice a day – and in between –  regardless of how crappy the weather is - by yourself - to dish out square bales of hay – that you paid a lot of money for – to feed your prized investment…
Your money is supposed to be buying a product with integrity that – literally – affects the health of your investment.
I dunno.  I guess there just wasn't anymore to say.
I reached a point where I had one more chunk of cedar too many - that was 4” wide and over 12” long - come falling out of a flake of hay.
I shot more photos.  And I went to Craigslist.
Oh. Yes. I. DID.
You would think I’d gone across a Texas acre in late summer and kicked over every Fire Ant mound I could find!  People were pissed!  The ‘ Hate Mail ‘ began loading up in my email account!
And I could not care less - at that point.  I came looking to whip somebody's ass!
Within short of 2 hours – somebody had flagged the ad and it was removed - which is how I figured things would happen even before I posted the adAnd it just didn’t matter to me.  I was heavy into discussion with a few ‘ civilized ‘ folks – after I cut the head off of one moron that didn’t even have a dog in the fight.
By then - my goal was already accomplished.
How did I know all this would happen this way?  Because I know idiots.
I am an Official Card-Carrying Idiot!  I was born to and raised by Idiots!  They just didn't know how to mix the brainwashing right.  I escaped and became educated about - Civility.
I now possess both sides of my brain!
" Mama always wins ! "
No.  We did not know there is more than 1 farm operating in Maryville, TN by folks with the last name ‘ Waters. ‘
Would those same farmers know how many WhataBurgers exist in Dallas, Texas?
But we’re pretty sure that Scott Waters is aware of that fact.  And we find it downright disgusting – the fact that he chooses to operate such shoddy practices without any regard for all those other farmers with the same last name in his area.
All those other farmers were pretty pissed at me.  But I will not apologize for the incident.
I’m not the one they should be pissed at.  I’m not the one disregarding their integrity.  We’re the one with the money.  We can go anywhere to get hay.  Scott Waters made the mistake of selling baled Crap.  And THEY are stuck with HIM!
They need to deal with him.
All we wanted was a legitimate deal on 100 square bales of good mixed grass hay.  We know what mixed grass looks like in this area.  We’ve been growing our own!  We now have cattle and we ran out.  And our hay field is now being cross-fenced and prepped for rotational grazing by our cattle.
Cedar slabs measuring 4” x over 12” do not belong anywhere in an entire square bale of hay – nor any friggin' kindling branches - which our dog now drags around the yard.
No.  We will not consider that some friggin' Bonus!
All those other farmers need to make sure their neighbor is stopped from selling one more of those bales!
We can drive out of state to get good hay that our money is supposed to be purchasing – if we have to do so.
We never screwed anybody over with the hay we gave away – before we purchased our cattle.  There’s no reason for us to put up with somebody screwing us.
Moral of this story...
" Don't screw with us. "
~ The End ~


Deb said...

Haha, putting a ad on craigslist was a good idea...I'd probably have put another one on there, once the first one was taken down! It's to bad there was another farm with that last name though, in the area (wonder if they are actually related?)...but hopefully this will help get the other ass shut down! :-))

Queenacres said...

Girl, didn't anyone ever tell you not to hit a pinata that has hornets coming outta it?

It takes a bit of time to find a good, honest hay dealer....but I think that's because so many folks don't give a hoot about what they are feeding their critters. He's probably been selling that garbage for years to folks "just" feeding cows and/or goats.
I don't know if I should scold you or pat you on the back. Probably a bit of both. :)