February 16, 2013

Me 'n My Porch Are Just Fine!

There are times in my life when I watch others play their game to dodge me like a bullet – and I just laugh about it anymore.  I’m a very open – honest – opinionated woman.  I’ve past that golden age of 50 years.  And I’ve more than earned my right not to care!
Can you believe - this shot was taken only 1 year ago, yesterday!
Amazing - the things you can accomplish when you take control of your time and space!  But thaaaaat's okay.  I understand.  Besides - It takes a very strong person with non-manipulative insecurities to keep up with me.
Only Big Dogs stick around to gather on my porch.
What are the measurements of the largest porch on this planet?  Another one of those things that makes ya' go, " hmmmm.... "
Once again – we go full circle to quality winning over quantity!
Thank God for porches!  There is no rule about quantity or size.  No rule about how many porches either.  But too many of us know about that ‘ quality ‘ measure.  Right?!
Ahhh…. Freedom.  Isn’t it nice - having the freedom to choose which porch!  I like our 2 porches.  They’re strong.  And that’s a good thing!
Embers have been fed over that issue of raising the minimum wage – again.  Yeah.  I know.  More trouble.
I can only wonder which giant corporation lobbied for it this time.
Raising the minimum wage will never be nothing more than another stab into the gut that will bring on the falling demise of this entire nation.
Once again – they’ll raise the minimum wage.  Once again – they’ll lay hoards of people off from their part-time jobs.  Once again – they’ll raise all the prices up on everything you can imagine.
They could nip all this in the butt and start raising that needle on the fiscal health chart of this country with one really easy move.
Kick in a law requiring all major chain markets to hire only Full-Time Employees.
Oh.  But.  Nooooo.  Why would they do that?  That would destroy that vein sending all the profits overseas to all those hidden bank accounts.
They’d have to demolish and rebuild dead properties – where all those other manufacturing facilities and operating units once ran – all over the country.  They might have to go back to operating only 1 shift everywhere – instead of running 3 shifts 7 days per week – in just a few buildings.
And then you have the fast-food and convenience store garbage littering itself all over this nation.  Reminds me of a time when all you saw were Billboards up and down roads and freeways – some looking as if they tried piling a few on top of each other.
Really.  How many Kroger Grocery Stores does 1 town really need?
Is it really fair that grown men and women bringing home the bacon have to fight each other – manipulating from store to store – town to town – hooking up and scratching backs with each other - to pick up shifts – just to get 40 hours in every week – so they can pay the bills?
Sadly – nobody in our government is strong enough to sit on my porch.
They might not be able to load that campaign fund.
And this one was taken less than a month later!


Queenacres said...

Don't even get me started on the economy, I'd be a tornado hitting your porch! OH my, I'm so sick of the folks in DC trying to interfere with every facet of our lives.....when all they do is fatten their pocket while screwing everything up. UGH don't get me started!

I LOVE LOVE your barn!

Deb said...

Seems the government just keeps getting worse and worse as the years go by, it's so now I don't expect anyone who does get into office to be good...even if I thought they might be a decent human being before...if they get a political office, I don't trust that they are any more. Sad as that is. :-((