February 22, 2013

Fur Balls 'n Feathers

This is Dixie!
She's about 6 months old - or so.
She's our neighbor's pup.
Isn't she a cutie!  And she's so funny, too!
Unfortunately - there's somebody who doesn't think Dixie is cute or funny - at all.
Dixie decided to try convincing her owner that Girls have balls, too.
Her owner is not the least bit happy with her today.
Neither is one of The Girls.
And the rest of the Girls are in full force to offer their support today!
And their Gossip.

Feathers were everywhere yesterday evening!
She ran into the Trees! ( She loves Robin Hood - and Kevin Costner. )
Daddy found her.  He hollered for Mama.
Mama asked her if she wanted a treat.
She ran deeper into the trees!
And they left her there - screaming and squalking - out of ignorance!
" Come find me Coyotes ! "
It started raining - and getting dark!
She grew some brains - really fast - and came running up the driveway.
Screaming for the other Girls - who were already in bed.
She got lucky.
Mama was still outside!
" Let's go see The Girls ! "
And they headed to the coop - where Mama let her inside.
It rained all night long.  But she was safe!
Mama opened up the Coop door at noon today.
And then The Girls made her get right back on that horse!
They were determined to help her prove that Dixie isn't the only Girl with Balls!
They made her stand in the very same spot where the drama broke loose!
And sit there.  And wait for Dixie.
But Dixie never showed up.
She looks like she's missing her butt!
" Who needs a BFF - When you gotchyo' Posse !! "
" C'mon, Girl.  Let's go live life outside the fences ! "
" Yeah... I'm still free to roam! And I grow new feathers ! "
" Yeah!  And Dixie'll never see outside that fence before they come back ! "
~ The End ~
Except for the part about Dixie chasing Spinner up a tree.
The pouring down rain - thunder - and the lightning - were just too much for him to stay up there.
He was sooo hoping that he could have fun.
He wanted Mama to be stupid enough to climb up there and - save him.
He jumped.  He fell.  Don't know which one.
But somehow - he showed up on the porch!
Mama just opened up the door and said...
" Getchyer butt in here ! "
Kids - Animals - No Difference!


A Lady's Life said...

lol Beautiful butts you have there . Yup animals are like children.
I also had to chase for my dog. She sniffed out a rabbit or something and found a hole under the fence and took off Thankfully my son was home and he ran and jumped the fence to catch up with her. Otherwise she could have become a pancake under a car and Boy would I have been devastated. I love her soo much . She really got a scolding and sat looking at me with those sad big brown eyes thinking what did I do??
Just like kids. She doesn't know what she did. She was innocently playing as usual.

Deb said...

You are lucky the dog didn't kill your chicken...we've had trouble with that ourselves. Hopefully the dog will stay away!