February 25, 2013

My Current Sanity Saver

I call this sight my ‘ Sanity Saver ‘ for the moment.  It keeps me from having a ‘ Cabin Fever Meltdown. '  Personally - I think I’ve earned one by now.

I think we’ve all earned one by now!

But I just keep telling myself – The Clover is coming.  The Clover is coming! “ It keeps me looking forward.

I’ll be digging out all my Crocus and Muscari Bulbs this year.  They haven’t been very good Stewards for the Southern Belle Peach Tree.

And they look like they’re feeling a bit crowded.  The weeds don’t help them or the peach tree.  So we’re debating on what to do after I pull the bulbs.

The Plum trees are looking very anxious about popping their flower buds.  For whatever reason – I’m in no hurry to see that happen.  I have this feeling the weather is going to throw us all some serious curves for spring this year.

I’m at my wits end with it all.  I’m at – “ Whatever.  I’m outta here.  Just remember, God… You get the Glory!

And that’s a fact.  If the tree dies – He gets the glory.  Ya’ know?  I’m fed up with wasting my time and money spraying a tree every other day – just because it keeps raining – only to have abundant fruit show up and fall off when it becomes the size of a golf ball.

If it happens this year – “ Good-bye, Southern Belle! You are replaceable.  I’d rather can yellow cling-free peaches anyway!

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Deb said...

I'm SOOOOOO ready for spring myself! We are having another snowstorm today, and while it can be pretty...I'm SO ready to get rid of it and have warmer temps...and GREEN show up! :-))