January 19, 2013

Ping Pong Weather

This would be Patty and Artist enjoying Breakfast on Saturday morning!  It’s the first time Artist has ever seen snow.  I couldn’t help noticing all the wrinkles on his forehead.  And his nose.

After a week of being blessed by Mother Nature flushing her toilet on us – without ever letting go of the handle – Jack Frost decided he’d had enough.

The scary part – Dwayne made that comment out of left field on Tuesday – “ We’re gonna get snow. “  I rolled my eyes.  That was nowhere on the map or in the forecast!

So - nowhere was the thought of me falling on my ass anywhere on the back porch!

But he was right.  For a second time.

Nothing settled the first go-round.  But we did receive a few flakes.

Cora and Patty have been around snow in the past.  This was something new for The Boys and The Babies.

And if you think they cared at all - after being holed up in the barn for a week – dodging all the crap coming at everybody from all directions – you would be wrong.

Even the pups were ready to get out and burn it off!  And play with ice.

Carlie has a fetish about picking up big things and carrying them around.

I guess the freezing temperature of ice doesn’t seem to phase her.  Cracked me up – watching her carrying plates of ice around – figuring out how to bite off chunks!

They all held a special appreciation for the Sun yesterday!  Bruce was feeling especially frisky.

For that reason – I chose to let Killian go out to ‘ The Big Yard ‘ – instead of April.  Bruce began trying to mount Cora before they even made it out there for breakfast.

April is old enough to conceive.  But she’s not ready.  And I’m not up to taking chances on him scaring her into never wanting to breed.

So – yesterday was spent on letting everyone get all the stuffiness out of their system – safely.

Everybody was napping or sunbathing by mid-afternoon.

Surprises us to watch Killian and Artist hang out together - with the gate between the 2 of 'em.  But they'll just have to put up with the gate.  End of that conversation.

And then – the newly wed couple decided they wanted a Photo Session.

We tried telling Artist and Patty they should wait until we could get out there and pick up all the manure without it slopping through the tines of the pitchforks.

Patty just looked at Dwayne and said, - Oh, Honey.  Don’t worry about that.  Tomorrow might not be as sunny and gorgeous as it is right now!

Don’t they just look like the perfect couple!!  ( I know.  I know!  LOL  Reminds me of that show ' Maude ' !! )


Queenacres said...

Beautiful pictures! I'd have that one of the henhouse printed and framed! The cattle look good too!

Hey, be glad Carlie is picking up huge ice chunks and not frozen piles of what the cow left behind. :)

Deb said...

Wonderful to see the photos of your animals. :-)