January 16, 2013

Dear Rain... You've Worn Out Your Welcome.

Okay.  The bad news first.

The Cattle have been holed up for the past couple of days.

The rain has been insane here.

We’ve got mud.

Thank God for Garden Tools.  And wasted hay.

But we are counting our blessings.  Several major Landslides have been reported today.  Three that we know of – at this moment – seem to be a repeat offense in their same areas.

Many roads are closed.  Shelters are opened.  Those living around streams and rivers around East Tennessee have had to evacuate.

And the Farmer’s Almanac tells us This is only the very beginning of one really wet year for our area.

But we keep putting one foot in front of the other – pressed with only 1 day of hope for being able to get a load of hay brought home and loaded up in the barn loft – before Dwayne has to go back to work.

We did get a bit of a break today - enough to let everybody hang out in their paddocks - to stretch out for a while.

Prayers are greatly appreciated.

The Good news.

I found this little treasure at Tractor Supply – for only $20.00!

Dwayne put it together for me today!

I love the door!  It rolls up and is held there with a Velcro Band.

Or – you can zip the door closed.

And if you wanna put it outside – it comes with grommets – and stakes – for securing to the ground outside.

I’ve received my seed orders from Johnny’s Seeds and Burpee Seed Company.  But when I checked on my order from Park Seed – it showed the order still ‘ Open ‘ – which means they haven’t even prepared for shipping it out.  The date of my order was December 31, 2012.



Deb said...

Wow...nice 20 dollar buy! Hope the rain stops for you...we are actually still kinda dry here, although did have some mud with the melting snow...but over all could still use rain. I've heard it's probably going to be another dry summer too this year, so...we will probably be wishing we could have some of your rain, especially since last summer was REALLY dry. I do hate the mud though...especially with the animals.

Queenacres said...

Love that little greenhouse! What a great buy! You're gonna have seeds sprouting in no time.

And I hear ya on the rain and mud. I think we're making up for the drought. The mud behind the milkroom is over the top of my feet now....and that's with adding spent hay to the top. Ick is all I have to say. Double Ick.

A Lady's Life said...

When it rains it pours doesnt it lol Nice garden hot house. lol