January 21, 2013

Grabbing A Moment Before You Lose It

I just had to get some photos today - while the sun is shining - and the temps are hanging over 50*.

That will not be the case - after this evening.  And I have not had the heart to say a word to any of them.  Weatherman is giving us a promise of 18* tonight.

Thank God for Bales of Hay - Gravity - and Box Cutters.  Let's just hope the baling twine decides to be good to us.

Here goes!

Killian has lost his ' Baby Moo ' - and started up with that - let's just call it ' Bullish Wishing Behavior ' - and leave it at that.

He even caught Artist's attention with that deep holler that came out of such a shrimp!  I was watching Patty and Artist eat their breakfast when Killian scared every one of us with a ' good morning ' bid to everyone.  Artist flipped his head backward to see what the heck was going on - like I've never seen him do - ever.  Face wrinkled up.  Looked at me.  It was as if he was asking me if there was something wrong with Killian!

All I know is - this little fart made Artist's ' moo ' sound like a girl!

Take me serious when I say ' little ' fart.  Killian will be 1 year old on March 31, 2013!  Notice in this photo - he is standing only a couple feet from the fence - which is only 4' in height.  Compare him in size with our 50lb. Basset - Carlie!

Speaking of Artist...

My Boy is so vain!  He's so proud of that nose ring!  That is all I am going to say about that subject.

I guess I was just in the mood for getting goofy shots - while I was at it.  Bruce was enjoying his lounging around quite a bit!

See his tongue?  ( click on the photo if you can't see things! ) See the cow patty?  Nope.  It ain't what ya' thinkin'.  My Boy is picky about what he eats!  But I have seen him pick his nose.

Ohhhhhh, yes.  Miss Patty - sunbathing.  In all her Matriarch Glory and sarcasm!

That look on her face.  She's already figured out the weather for the week.  She's just wondering when I'm gonna tell the underlings.

Miss Cora is totally confused.  She was saying, " It's so gorgeous today!  Where the hell is all that clover you were telling me about? "

April!  My Baby Girl!  She comes running after me every time she sees my phone - like she's gonna beat me up!

She's growing!  She's 1 day younger than Killian - but a lot taller.  And she is becoming such a sweetheart!  She's got spunk.  She won't put up with crap.  But she's willing to be fair - and kind!  She gives kisses!

April's is beginning to look a whole lot like her sister ( Cora ).  I'm still hoping for both girls to gain that length that their mom ( Patty ) is blessed with carrying.

I found this on April on Saturday.  I was bringing her in for evening feeding on the first day they all got to stay outside all day long after the week-long dumping of rain and snow.

Apparently - she rubbed herself raw on one of the trees.

Scared me and made me mad - all at the same time.  But I've been putting A and D Ointment on the wound.  It seems to be helping.  Clean and dry without any increase of damage.  No more bloody seepage.

She seems to be leaving it alone.  And no other wounds are coming up.  So I'm thinking she had to learn not to do whatever she did to hurt herself.

The Girls have been hanging out all over the place.  Not sure what's happened.  But lately - I've been getting a couple eggs every other day or so.  I didn't even bother putting a heater or a light inside their coop this year.  They quit laying eggs on me - almost a year ago.  So I decided to quit spoiling them.

I busted Carlie heading off to sneak out into the hay field.

" Yes - you do.  Mama always wins! "

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