December 18, 2012

Let Us Never Forget These Babies and Heroes

( Courtesy of NBC's ' The Voice ' )

Sometimes... Money makes the most tragic decisions.

On behalf of my husband, Dwayne, and myself...

We extend with heaviest of hearts - our deeply sincere condolences to all the survivors, families and all those left behind to endure a most painful hole in life from such an immeasurable loss caused by the most precious innocence taken from this earth.

We ask God to provide this world with the strength and courage to reach out to the family and loved ones of Adam Lanza and his mother - as they travel through the deepest pits of sorrow for many more than their own - and should never be held accountable for the most horrendous acts committed that they never even imagined.

May God bless this entire nation with multitudes of Good to come as final act of this horrific tragedy - in ways that change hearts and minds to encourage every breathing soul on this earth to want and work for a kinder - gentler - peaceful - loving life for all mankind.  I ask in the name of Jesus Christ - Our Lord and Savior.  Amen.


A Lady's Life said...

Thank you. That was soo nice and I am sure people will appreciate the support. It really is a tragedy and the biggest sin anyone could ever do.

Queenacres said...


Bee Lady said...

And the people said.....Amen.
Beautiful prayer and so true...feel for the loved ones in every family.

Cindy Bee