December 13, 2012

We Did All This... THIS Year?!

This old Tobacco Barn stood all alone - in pure open space - waiting for somebody to go one way or the other - tear it down or give it new life - when we moved in on November 1, 2008.

I think it helps measure how many steps you've taken forward in your life - when you go back and look through pictures.

In fact - I find it makes for great sense of accomplishment when you can see goals that you have reached.  Most people lose sight of the reality when they live smack in the middle of all the changes.  Also makes for a wonderful source of encouragement to get you moving on plans for reaching more goals when spring arrives!

Throughout this year of 2012 - it has felt as if Bruce and Artist have been with us for over a year.  I can't explain it.  But I have walked through this year with this embedded feeling that they came here in April, 2011.

Thank God for that ADCA Registration Certificates!

The year has just been that overwhelming.  I've had to learn to ' pick my battles ' again - all the way down to depending on calendars - my notepad on my phone - receipts and documents for animals - everything written down - somewhere.

I've even said to Dwayne at one point - " I dunno!  Go look on Artist's ADCA Certificate! "

Poor guy.  " Whaaaa...?  Why? "

Me:  " The year he was born helps me back-track and remember everything. "

Dwayne: " Whattya' talking about?  He was born THIS year! "

Just mentioning that makes me stop - dead in my tracks.  And the only thing crossing my mind - as all the visions of everything we've done since he and Bruce arrived come flashing by so fast is - " Wow. "

Two people accomplished all this - in the year 2012.
Take a gander!

And I helped!  When I wasn't holding a camera!

The day finally came!  Bruce (Black Steer) and Artist (Red Bull Herd Sire) arrived on April 19, 2012.

We bought these antique chairs for $125.00 - and recovered them!

It was a monstrous - amazing - wildly delicious sight when the old tree fell!

Even the Beekeepers were just stunned by the amount of Comb and Honey.
Those are slabs of comb - the size of Beef Brisket!
And this hive had already split in half about a month earlier!

It was our first year to keep our own Hay.

My $20 Treasure find!

$125 Treasure find!

$65 Treasure find - Queen Sleeper!

And then we made another decision.
And took photos before we began - again!

We let Bruce and Artist give it a Test-Drive!

A future Giant was planted!

And an Instant Family Moved in!

The Girls and Guys having their first ' Dinner Date '
after separating the babies.

And then we had to separate Bruce.
We turned him into a Babysitter.

Artist got his Nose Bling!

Killian transformed from
Our little Chondro King with Horns...

To Our Adorable Charmer with no horns.
He gets to keep his pair - unless he's unable to breed!

Miss April transformed from
Diva Mimic with an Attitude and Horns...

To a Frustrated Brat with no horns that was defeated into becoming...

Mama's Sweet Baby Girl that loves to give kisses!

Just when you might think this is the end of the story...
There's more to come!

2 new Babies are expected for Spring, 2013 - already!

Cora's Due with Calf #2 around the first week of May, 2013!

 Patty's due with Calf #3 around the end of April, 2013!

We're already working maps and material lists for more paddocks and shelters.

And then there's... Killian's Herd to think about.


Phelan said...

Huzzah! You two did great!

I got nothing done this year.

WeldrBrat said...

I think you have managed to accomplish a whole hell of a lot, Hon! You two didn't ask for that wreck. It just happened. And it got in the way of other things. However - that's when it became your goal to heal. And in the process... it's slowing you down enough for helping you consider other goals that will give y'all great peace of mind! THAT IS Life. You're still doing it. You've just been doing it from a bed... to a chair... to those crutches. And pretty soon... I have all the faith in the world that you'll get back on that 2-wheeled Horse, again! I know you BETTER do it, anyway!! {Hugs!}

A Lady's Life said...

Oh my !
You certainly have your hands full! lol
So much to think about and keeps tabs on.
You really do need a good notebook or computer to keep things organized.
But hey, what a life.
Something so many only dream about.
Fresh air, green grass.
An old barn has incredible wood people use inside their own houses.
for decor.
You can 't buy this wood.So I would assume in the right market,
people would pay dearly for it.

WeldrBrat said...

You are so right! Reclaimed wood from old barns is s true treasure. My Christmas gift in 2010 from Dwayne was a Dining Table with leafs that extend out to equal 10 feet. Both leafs store away in a hide-away pocket that he built in, underneath the center table-top. I absolutely love it! The chairs we re-upholstered this year go with the table so very well!

D Mommens said...

Yep...been a BUSY year here too! So happy for you though, you got your cows! And, how cool! That table sounds neat, love the idea of having the leaves stored IN the table...I LOVE mine, but that would make it even nicer, cause now I'm storing them in the guest room closet. LOL