September 3, 2012

Why Your Vote for Congress May Not Even Matter

Just one of the things Congress does for itself while they allow their constituents to be twisted in enough directions with life - until we're all too overwhelmed to pay attention.

They know...

If we all paid attention - None of them would be there!


Queenacres said...

It's because we don't pay attention that it happened in the first place! It's time to wake up, America! We are losing our freedoms every day. We can't wait until it is too late.

A Lady's Life said...

This is a very important election and quite frankly, no one truly knows who this President is.People are voting with emotion rather than using rational thinking.If a man is hiding the fact that he is a muslim (as is Oprah) then what else is he hiding? Islam lets you come in but not out. That's their law.Now God is dropped from the DEM platform because it is in the interest if Islam to destroy America.
Seems funny the seals would be upset with him and a lot of other democrats who are endorsing him only because they have no choice.
If the US is in financial distress, how are they planning to finance the healthcare and other programs???? Where is the money going to come from? It's a mess that will lead to disunity.Michelle the other day sounded so fake.I got misty with Annes' speech because it came from the heart but nothing was felt with Michelles'. In my mind, something is not right there so one has to be careful voting.People have to look between the lines with this election.
Romney, belongs to a party who believes in America and in her values.He is a home boy with a legacy behind him.He has a head for business and good will to make it happen.So.. I don't know. We have enough of our own problems here in Canada with Quebec.
The New premier is Marois and every one is fed up of her radical party.
The students started something there because they objected to educ rates going up and now she is going to hike up hydro 377 dollars more a year.So what was the point of an election? Some one tried to kill her last night because people are just fed up with discrimination from the French against all ethnic groups in Quebec and they are blind to the PQ as well cause they make them feel welcome just to use them to get what they want before escorting them out.Stuff like this shouldn't happen here.See...Evil lurks every where, so one needs to vote and keep vigilant.

WeldrBrat said...

@ A Lady's Life: I'm not quite sure where you've been getting your information. But... I just received this email from CNN a bit ago:

In an unusual display of dissent at the party's convention, Democrats struggled to complete a voice vote amending their party platform to include language referring to God and to Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
A senior Democratic source told CNN that President Barack Obama intervened to change the platform language on Jerusalem. Democratic sources said Obama also asked why the word "God" had been dropped.
It took three voice votes before a flummoxed Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the convention chairman, declared himself satisfied that a two-thirds majority backed the language, despite groans of dissatisfaction from some delegates.
Later in the evening, former President Bill Clinton delivers the featured speech and will formally nominate Obama.
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