September 6, 2012

What Winter Lurks Ahead?

Since the middle of July - we've been seeing the hint of a really rough winter coming on.  The leaves on the trees around here - have been falling.

At first - we credited the short drought period we had here with the unextraordinary high temps.

But the falling leaves aren't the only signs we've seen since.

Both of the pups are no longer missing a single meal - as of about a week ago.  In fact - we're having to say 'no' to the begging for another round after 8:30pm.

( Yeah, like the way we rigged Zucker's bowl ?  lol )

Our neighbor that cut our hay told us that he'd come across two huge Hornet's nests - built low in the hay.  Not up on a fence or low in any tree.  He told us that his Daddy always told him that was a solid sign of a really rough winter coming.

Winter coats began showing up on The Boys a few weeks ago.  And they've kicked up the amount of hay that they're eating.

The berries on the female Dogwood trees are loaded on the native trees.

Not so heavily on the Red Dogwood we have beside the house.  But they are consistently present.

Dave Foulk shared that it's known around here to depend on how many times it will snow during the coming winter by how many mornings we wake up with heavy fog during the month of August.

I can remember 4 mornings - at least.

This is September.  The Honeysuckle has never bloomed after May around our place.  And we have it blooming in several areas - right now.

Oddly - The Black Walnut trees are exceptionally loaded this year.

The Hickory Trees are following the same behavior.

And the Acorns on the Oaks are right there in the heavy yield - as well.

Here's one that's loaded to the brim.  Everybody down in Texas would love to have this species - instead.

These fall out fluffy.  They don't harden up with points that kill your bare feet!

Even the wild Morning Glory's have popped with only about 1/4 their potential for getting on anyone's nerves this year.

And The Girls.  Well - I'm getting one big gorgeous egg each day - again.

Caught Red-handed!  His is not supposed to be sitting there!  And he knows that!

He's half-dry here.  He heads out to the yard in the mornings these days - and comes back as an absolutely soaking wet - Pig!

I'm having to take him in to be groomed really short.  His skin condition began again.  I'm back to having to bathe him twice per week.  But I think I've found the culprit.

The grass that came with a vengeance when the afternoon thunderstorms began for the summer.  His scratching - chewing and twisting his baby-fine hair began shortly afterward.


A Lady's Life said...

isn't that interesting about the hornets? Well dogs will be dogs He has a great life!

Deb said...

I've been wondering how the winter would be after having last winter so mild, and this summer sooooo HOT! I can't say I look forward to a BAD winter, but...especially with it the first winter here on our new farm, but wouldn't be surprised if it were...and just hope we are actually prepared for it! LOL