August 30, 2012

Bales and Soap Suds

We had family come in to visit over this past weekend - and we had such a wonderful time!  It was great being able to see them and visit with them, again!

They missed out on being able to watch us bathe The Boys.  But I promised to post photos for them to see after they get back home.

I didn't think to grab the camera quick enough to catch photos of Bruce getting his bath.  I'll have to catch him next time - especially since he's so easy!  That boy LOVES his bath!

Judging from this photo - one would assume Artist loves his bath - as well.  Right?!

Ha!  Wrong.

I don't think I'll ever figure out his conclusion of a ' one side lather ' being - enough.

Wasn't long before he began having words with the fence post.

We're not quite sure about what was going on here - yet.

All of a sudden - you'd think Dwayne had hit that ' sweet spot ' on his back.  He just - froze - and started pushing and leaning toward the water.

Artist loves having his head messed with.  He can't get enough of the brush - especially when it comes to his face and under his jaw.  You should see him hold his head up high - on request.  He is all about that!

And he was just fine with standing there for as long as the water was flowing over his face.

I don't get it!!!

We turned 'em out into the other paddock to dry.  Each got a treat of sweet feed.  We're hoping this will encourage Artist to ' become one with the waterhose ' in the future.

Both seemed to be feeling wonderful - relaxed - refreshed!

And they smelled soooo good!  Naturally - that only lasted until the next day.

Our neighbor - Robert - took care of our second cutting of hay for us.  Dwayne lined the bales up along the fence.

We round-baled this time.  We'll be using this cutting for bedding more than feeding - considering the barn is still plum full.  But Robert told us that this grass is really good.

Surprised us - considering the whole field was looking like we were gonna lose it - until afternoon storms began showing up at the final hour.

Come the first week in October - we'll be needing every bit of it - for sure.

God willing - Dwayne will be heading out to pick up our 2 new Cow-Calf Pairs!

( See them here! )

In the meantime - we have more holes to punch for corner posts - more fencing to run - and a couple more shelters to build!

More tack - more feed bunkers - more water troughs...

Almost like being pregnant again.

At least - I'll be able to see my feet and tie my shoes during the last 2 months.


Queenacres said...

Glad to hear that you've got plenty of hay! Can't wait to see the new kids!

Deb said...

So good to hear you had some good "family" time! It's always nice to have family want to stop by...least if you get along with them it is! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Almost as good as being there.

A Lady's Life said...

Those little guys look so nice. I bet they enjoyed being clean.
Who doesn;t?