September 13, 2012

Boundaries !!

We're digging more holes.

By yesterday evening - the original fence was gone and 15 posts were set on the final side of the paddock where Artist and his Herd will reside.

And time is of the essence!

Artist has discovered the girls across the way - to the left of our place.

And more girls across the way - in front of our place.

And we've already had an incident.

He managed to twist the clamp on the gate separating the two paddocks - until it came open!  Dwayne thought he left the gate open by mistake - after he parked the tractor back in the corner for pulling posts - come Tuesday evening.

We're lucky.  We had reinforcements.  Dwayne had not pulled all the fencing off the posts yet. But we had to take temporary measures with locks - until I get different type locks.  And the latch provides a hole where Dwayne will be drilling matching holes into the metal gate posts for long screws that will keep any side of the latch from twisting.

I'm thinking this could be one of those - not so calming qualities - that comes with living up at the top of a hill.

The breezes find their way up here.

The ' scent of a woman ' enjoys the ride.

And it does some - really strange - things to set off the hormones in a Bull.

Especially a young boy just coming into the season of his purpose in life!

Doesn't this look so sweet!  Artist is being such a loving little brother to Bruce.

" Awwww..! "

Not. This is Practice.  Mother Nature is instilling the functions for born-instincts within the mind of Artist - used for ' courting ' the Ladies.

Forget the heart.  There is very little love going on here.  Sad reality.

Even Sadder...

Bruce is stuck being the Guinea Pig - at the very least - until the Ladies get settled in and we wean the babies.

" My Poor Brucey...! "


Queenacres said...

Lust is in the air here as well....had an incident this morning with Sparkin Sparta...UGH.
At least the bulls don't pee on their beard and become blubbering idiots. Artist looks like a polite young man. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Aww I hope they don't fight .

Deb said...

Yep, lots of work that fencing...and the animals always LOVE to show you where it needs more work too! LOL Hope you get everything fixed, so they don't keep getting out! :-))