September 11, 2012

Sad Anniversary - Happy Anniversary - Our 10th

While September 11th is a day Dwayne and I will never forget - for so many reasons - this year marks a cornerstone for the two of us.

9-11-2012 marks the 10th year that Dwayne and I have shared as Husband and Wife.

We had no wedding.  We had no family present.  We had no rings.  We had no Honeymoon.

We had 1 co-worker to witness.  And a County Commissioner officiated.

And it wasn't until 8:30pm on the eve of the first anniversary of this country's most horrific tragedy - before I even realized 9-11 would be shared with the day that the two of us would celebrate our marriage.

But you see - we were early into our relationship on that day - when we shared watching the same television as those unbelievable events unfolded before our eyes.  We were beyond stunned.  It was almost beyond an out-of-body experience.

Dwayne was already working up in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I was living down in Texas.

Flight privileges - the most wonderful thing airline employees appreciated.

He had flown down to spend days off with me - as was the usual routine.  But on that day - it was a scramble to meet up with 3 other Supervisors in Houston and find a Rental Car to drive back to Knoxville - ASAP.

After that horrific tragedy in the life of this entire nation - it became obvious.  Dwayne and I needed to make some changes in our relationship.

It's been a simple life - stressful at times.  We have survived so very much!  We have enjoyed so very much!

And ours is a very practical life of living within our means.

Choices like a huge wedding and honeymoon have not always been an option.  But there have been choices we find to be much more important and relative to our survival - and the health of our marriage.

No cruise this year.  Instead - it's been a year-long-overseeing of our gift to one another.

To this moment - a total of 2 Bull calves - 1 Heifer calf - 2 Cows - (God willing )2 more babies showing up in Spring - and everything they need for a happy life at their new home!

Every step into this gift of a new adventure for the two of us - holds my attention with looking forward.  I wanna see the day when we can afford for my husband to wake up and only have to wonder what fence he'll work on that day.

Dwayne, you are the most wonderful man in my world!

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

To all those spending this day reflecting on loved ones you lost on that fateful day forever branded into our hearts and lives - know that you are always included in our thoughts and prayers - especially on this day.  {Hugs} ~Teresa and Dwayne


Queenacres said...

Happy are doing the best thing to memorialize those that were are making the most of the life you have!

God bless you and God please bless the USA.

WeldrBrat said...

Thank you so very much! It's what we hoped for, once the phone call had been made. It happened the way it happened - because it was supposed to happen. And it was meant to happen that way - that day. I went through a terrible time - for about 6 months - after watching that tragedy unfold. I was really, really questioning whether or not I made it to this planet at the worst time ever mentioned to come in the Bible. And my immediate thought was of my children - double the concern over what I might be responsible for bringing them into this world to face.

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! And thanks for your sweet note on my blog post! I can't wait to get back to TN. We love Montana and our life there, but it will be so sweet to be back where I grew up and close to our family! And also to have the chance of meeting my southern blogger friends!

Deb said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary, even if you do share it with a horrible event. :-))