September 18, 2012 ... TOTALLY WORTHLESS.

It's one of those days.

No matter how hard you try to do things right...

We get this close to going after the cow/calf pairs we've purchased.

Mother Nature pounds on us with over 7 inches of rain in 2 days.  We can't work on constructing fences.

Dwayne heads over to reserve and put a deposit down on a trailer at Co-Op.  And we find out they won't allow us to rent the trailer to go out of state.

Neither of us even has a parking ticket.

Dexter cattle are as docile as puppies.

It's just the two of us working on the fences.

It was a round of days off that would handle the pickup date.

I've burned up phone wires.

I've filled the computer monitor up with browser tabs.

Oh.  And by the way - whoever is being paid to enter all the info on  SHOULD BE FIRED.  You're just... worthless.

I'm ready to stand still.

And just cry.


Queenacres said...

How far are the cows? How big are they? Think outside the box and hang in there girl!

Maybe go to a neighbor....

It CAN be done. Get the muck boots on and tread through it!

By the way, we're being hammered by rain too. Lord knows we need it, but it sure slows down the work. Be thankful it's not 35 degrees! :)

Deb said...

Ahhh, I know how you feel! There have been to many days I've wanted to do that this summer myself. Hope things get better for you! :-))

WeldrBrat said...

The cows are almost 500 miles away. We figured we'd get the trailer to the house on the eve before Dwayne left, so we could make sure it was clean and get it stocked. It would be a 1-day drive, which we'd already made arrangements to leave the trailer at the breeder's. Dwayne would stay at a hotel, then pick up and drive home early next morning. We'd get the trailer cleaned and returned by Saturday morning. We're not totally sure about the height of the cows. But they can be around 40" on the backline. The calves will be around 5 mos. old. And the cows were just confirmed pregnant this past week, due end of April and first of May. Still going through sources. But what angers me is this. We've seen a lot of trailers - nice ones - that have been absolutely beat to hell by horses, or, other standard-size cattle. The Dexter cow is the most docile cow on the planet. Somebody can rent the trailers, locally, and it's okay for their animals to tear it up. But somebody with a completely clean driving record - full coverage insurance - carrying Dexter Cattle... no... simply because they're crossing a state border to bring them home. We LIVE HERE. My husband WORKS HERE. Ya' know???

A Lady's Life said...

Oh wow! Here in Canada I think we are allowed to rent and drive anywhere. We just tell them where the car will be taken.My trailer broke down once and I rented a U Haul boat trailer to put my trailer on to get it home.If you have a box to put on a U HAUL car trailer that would be another option. Maybe asking a farmer who has a trailer would be an option. Maybe the breeder could meet you half way at the border? 500 mi is not that far really. Maybe the breeder has a trailer?
Never a dull moment eh?