August 11, 2012

New Additions Coming To Our Family!

Yep.  We're adding to the family!

Okay - this gets a bit confusing.  So bear with me.  We've put Deposit down on 2 Dexter Cow-Calf Pairs ( each come with their calf ) - AND will be confirmed Pregnant ( again ) when we arrive to pick them up in September!

Does that make sense?

That would be a total hope for 6 Dexter Cattle being added to our family.

Both Cows were bred by the same Bull - which produced 2 calves - a black Heifer and a red Bull.

The Bull is PF Little Big Man ( more info )

Both Cows have been exposed to the same Bull - again - and will be checked to see if we have ( hopefully ) confirmed Pregnancies for both cows by the end of September.

The Cow's names are:

PF Patriot ( aka - Patty ) - Dun Color ( more info )

PF Patriot's Cora - Black Color ( more info )

We received updated photos yesterday evening!  And we were given the option for choosing names for the 2 calves on the ground!

We've chosen these names:

PF No Foolin' April - ( Patty's black Heifer calf ) - dob 4-1-2012

PF Cora's Killian - ( Cora's red Bull calf ) - dob 3-31-2012

From the right:
PF Little Big Man ( Bull Sire ) - Black Heifer Calf - PF Patriot ( Dun Cow ) 

Another shot of PF Patriot and her black Heifer Calf

From the Right:
PF Cora ( Black Cow ) - PF Little Big Man ( Bull Sire )

Front Left:
PF Patriot's Cora's Red Bull Calf
* click on photos for larger view *

Here's something really freaky!  Got an email from the current owner this morning.  She informed us that Cora's Grand Sire was a Bull owned by one of their neighbors.  His registered name was 'Jericho Buddy' - but - they called him 'Killian' !!

None of this has really sunk in - yet.  Of course.  But I can feel the excitement building!  It's been a wild week for us.  And it will stay that way for the next couple of months - or more.  We've got a LOT of work to do before all the new kids get here!

We headed over to check on a Squeeze Chute yesterday.  We're getting the trailer that attaches to it for moving from place to place.  But they didn't have the kit that fits for attaching the chute to the trailer.  It won't arrive from the other Co-Op until next Wednesday.  So - we'll be picking up our Squeeze Chute next Thursday.  And I'll be really happy to get that load off the list!

Time to get in gear - before it begins raining again.  We're hoping we can get the paddocks and the yard mowed down shorter ( Dwayne calls it 'roaching' for some reason... ) sometime today.  And I've got a LOT of Organizing going on right now.

Have a great day!


Queenacres said...

Congrats! They look very nice!

Deb said...

Wow, how exciting!!! So happy for you. :-))