May 18, 2012

Don't Have To Be Bad To Get Grounded

Yesterday was one of those days that just - sucked.  I had another Doctor’s appointment.

Long story - short version - now that it‘s a little easier to fight the pins and needles.

2:30pm Doctor’s appointment.  Dwayne learned he should never tell me how to do my job when it comes to making his lunch - something I’ve done since we began living together in this marriage.  Only because I just want to do it - I will add!

Oh - and he might have learned - maybe - just maybe - to never let the gas tank run down to vapors when you live in a rural area - and have to hit 3 counties to get someone to the doctor.

The x-ray machine - apparently - was still on “ April Fools “ settings that put me through two rounds of  “ do-overs “ and getting out of there at 5:30.  It was 6:18pm before our main entrees were brought to us at Angelo’s Brickhouse Pizza ( we’ve never waited that long before - ever. )  We had to ask for “ To-Go “ boxes at 6:40pm and race across the street to pick up prescriptions.

WalMart had to fight with technology to get my insurance to accept my second prescription.  I was standing right there when I got their automated phone call on my cellphone - telling me that my prescriptions were ready.

It was almost 8pm when we pulled up in the driveway.  Our normal bedtime during workdays is 8:30pm.

The animals thought we ran away.

Fed all the animals before putting them up for the night - rushed through the usual indoor prep for the night ( coffeepot, etc., ) - and made our way to bed.

And then - the alarm clock never goes off this morning.  Dwayne wakes up at 5:30am.  He’s supposed to be at his desk - in Alcoa - at the airport - over at the hangar - in another county.

After making a phone call - getting dressed and kissing me “ good-bye “ - he headed out the door and left without saying one word about how I should do my job making his lunch!  Ha!

I shudder to dare thinking about the scenario in a week.  Not only did my doctor prescribe a different muscle relaxer - ( added the other meds to the Allergy List ) - and set me up for Physical Therapy.  She prescribed a Steroid Pack.

All I got to say to my family is - “ Put yer’ seatbelts on! Find those ear-plugs. And don’t try pissin’ me off this next week!  You will not win.

Speaking of family…

Miss Jen came to make her mother a special Brunch for Mother’s Day!  I’m so proud of her!  And she brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, too!  But in all the chaos - I forgot to get a photo.  And by the time they began blooming - the stems of the Lilies began snapping over.  My house sucks with the lighting - which makes it rough on floral bouquets and house plants.

But these Smoked Turkey Avacado Wraps were out of this world!  I just love my yard varmint so much!  She knows how to fix me a real sandwich and make me feel special!

Now… The Boys.

We received the Thomas Dexter Halters that I ordered.  Sandi had called me to let me know one of the halters was out of stock.  But after we got to talking - our situation here at the house and scenario is comfortable and safe enough for using the Control Halters.

Currently - Artist is wearing the Xtra Small size and Bruce is wearing the Small size Control Halter.

We broke out the weight tapes this past Tuesday, May 15th.

  • Bruce measured 45 inches around the girth = 274lbs.
  • Artist measured 43 inches around the girth = 240lbs.

Taking photos of Bruce and Artist has become so much more easier.  I think they’ve completely taken to their new home - settled in and feel downright comfortable!  Dwayne constructed the Mineral / Hay Bucket for them.  We set up the long Cattle Rub while Robert was raking and baling hay.  The boys seem to take to it like it’s a toy.

Bruce became a steer by accident.  And as he grows - my heart just breaks - probably as much or more - than Sally’s.  I agree with Sally.  I think Bruce could have become a great Herd Sire.  He is becoming more gorgeous - every day.  He would make such a fantastic FFA steer project!  I only wish one of the kids in this area would be interested enough to contact us.

( " Ha!  Caught you with your mouth full!
Look at those purty whaat teeth yew got, Boy! " )

As for Artist - he has become Mama’s Baby - let me tell you that right now!  He is such a sweetheart.  I hope and pray this sweet Disposition stays with him - throughout his life as Herd Sire.  It can only bring a kindness into a herd with the capability of reinforcing that genuine gentleness of the Irish Dexter Breed.  His only downfall - at this point…

He LOVES my Cow Cookies!  He does not mind that Bruce seems to never care for them.  He will glaaaadly eat Bruce’s cookies for him!

For now - I am grounded.  I cannot clean stalls.  I “ cannot lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. “  I cannot vacuum with an upright vacuum. ( Neener - Neener.  I've got a canister vac! )  I cannot do anything with movement that requires repetitive use of the sciatic nerve and - some other muscle in my butt cheek.

I didn’t pay attention to the $50 word they gave that one.  Prolly cuz’ the Honey-Do List had started cramming my brain.


Queenacres said...

I sure hope you get feeling better soon! Keeping you in our prayers.

Love the boys, they are both really very nice!

Deb said...

Hate it when we have to be out late here too...hope you get to feeling better!

Love the photos of your cows, they are looking good! :-))

A Lady's Life said...

Hope you feel better soon. :)