May 12, 2012

A Challenge Brings Blessings

Our Hay Pasture looked like this on April 24th.

It was peaking its readiness for cutting and baling.  And we wanted it square baled - for our Dexters.  These first two photos are the same ones I had put in Craigslist - searching for someone willing to do just that.

Those of us wanting our hay square baled in this area seem to be having trouble finding anyone doing custom baling this year.  Even more trouble if we’re keeping the hay.

Many are selling their equipment for square baling.  Most are resorting to round baling - for one reason or another.

The challenge has become a blessing for us.

Funny how life in a neighborhood can evolve when you put a couple calves on your property - have no equipment for baling - and needing to keep the hay from your hay field.

One by one - we’ve had a few of the older folks from around our neighborhood show up at our place after Dwayne took time out to go talk with each of them.

It was interesting to watch them looking all around the place.  I’m sure they’d been there many times before - when the previous owners lived here.  I’m sure they were noticing all the changes since we moved in.

We’re hearing a common opinion… “ Y’all have been busy around here!

Through the process…

We had one neighbor hook us up with somebody to cut our hay.  I’m told she is Carl Ritchie’s daughter. (And I forgot to get out there and take pictures.)

That same neighbor came out the next day and Tedded - before showing up yesterday to rake and bale our hay.

That same neighbor - again and along with another neighbor - loaned us their hay wagons.

Came the moment that I was just sick about - after the doctor confirmed I had wrecked my sciatic nerve again.

Dwayne ended up loading every bale of hay onto the trailers by himself.

I was only able to help with opening and closing gates.  And I brought Iced Tea out to him to keep him hydrated.

I was able to help him get both trailers butted up with each other so the hay could be lifted up into the hay loft of the barn.

I tried dragging bales up in the loft - so he would only have to throw the bales up there.  But that didn’t last long.

By 9pm last night - ( a Friday night ) - Dwayne had me call Jay.  There was no way he would have been able to get it all finished by himself.

The guys finished around 11pm.

It was a sight to see when we got out there this morning.  And words cannot measure the amount of thankfulness - gratitude - and appreciation - that we feel toward all those wonderful and helpful souls that helped us accomplish getting the job done!

Dwayne had to stack a few in the Tractor Shed because they wouldn’t all fit up in the loft.

Hubs came upon a little surprise during the process of cleaning and re-organizing to fit the bales and the tractor - both - inside the shed.

A Wren has nested inside an old tin can that was laying inside the tray of the waterhose caddy!

128 bales this year.  The first cut in 2008 yielded 220 bales.  Dwayne has decided there will be fertilizing and over-seeding this year - without question.

I wasn’t able to help with bales much.  But I did manage to trim the Three Cedars!  I also mowed the two grazing areas.

Yes - I was driving under the influence - with no seatbelt!

It was the only way I'd survive all the bumping on the mower and jumping to reach limbs.

Dwayne had enough on his plate.  So I did it.

Cuz’ I’m just that damn good!


Deb said...

Good neighbors are a wonderful thing to have!! So glad you have some around you, and glad you were able to get your hay in!! It's early enough, I'd think you could get another cutting, if you think you might need it...and can find room for it. :)

Queenacres said...

What a blessing to have such wonderful neighbors! I am sorry to hear about your back, I'll keep you in our prayers.

Uncle Dan said...

Hey Niece your uncle dan has a thought on fertilizer that might save you a lot of cash.
check your local area for powdered river rock, it's nataural and organic and has been proved to be a pesticide that will not harm your animals. Saw aPBS program few years back that showed 50% increase in hay fields when this was used over commercial fertilizer.and it cost a lot less as much as 80% less than commercial fertilized, and it won't pollute your land.

WeldrBrat said...

Aunt Judy, I've checked all over the Internet and haven't been able to find the Powdered River Rock that Uncle Danny's talking about. I do know that we use Powdered Limestone here. Previous owners used the same. If Uncle can find anything over the net, can you ask him to email the link to me, please? I'm sure it would be a great help!