April 25, 2012

Whoah! They're Rompin' !!

Artist is - officially - 3 months old today!

And he would like you to see how thrilled he is about that!

I got a great surprise this morning!  Grabbed the camera as soon as I could.

Got Part 1 and Part 2.

I shut off the camera when they headed back behind the barn where they couldn't be seen.  Didn't want the camera catching distortion from picking up my yelling out their names.

I got Part 2 as soon as I saw them heading back to me.  It was sooo funny!

This is the most playful they've been since they came here on April 19th. Their sizes are interesting to me.

Bruce was born November 3, 2011.  That makes him almost 6 months old!

Seeing this going on gave me a little bit of relief this morning.  I think they're beginning to enjoy living here.

I sure hope so!


T. Cupp said...

Love to see calves running and enjoying life!

Queenacres said...

Looks to me like they are having a blast! Glad to see them doing so well enjoy them while they're "small"....LOL

Deb said...

I love watching the young ones running and playing. :)

ChileFarmer said...

They sure look pleased with them self. You sounding happy as well, thats a great thing. I love it thanks for posting. CF