May 3, 2012

Everything's Poppin' - Up and Outta Wack!

The color has been popping around here.  So happy to see all the freshness and renewal!

I have the windows open this morning.  Just the most perfect soft breeze flowing through.  But the ultimate joy is - the scent of Honeysuckle and a few other wonders is permeating throughout our entire house!


Unfortunately - color is not the only thing that’s been popping.

I went after a salt block for Bruce and Artist last Wednesday.  Got home - lifted it out of the trunk and set it into the wheel barrow for carrying to the barn.

I was shutting the trunk door on my Putt-Putt when the wheel barrow began falling over sideways on our inclined driveway.  Without thinking - I twisted and turned to try catching the salt block.

For those of you unaware - a salt block weighs 50 pounds.  I’m 4’ 11” in height.  I’m also turning 53 years old this year.  And I’m not exactly all that active in lifting weights.  Nor do I participate in WWE Wrestling.  But this little - unplanned fiasco - made me feel like I had lost a match - BIG.

It wasn’t pretty.  And it didn’t feel good.

Longer story shortened - I got lucky enough to go in to see my doctor on Friday afternoon.  Sure enough - I have wacked up my Sciatic Nerve - again.  And even worse this time.

Dwayne spent the last round of days off - pretty much handling some of the things I deal with around here.  I said some - not all.  And he got a work-out.  He was pooped!  These words came out of his mouth at the end of the day - “ I’ve been thinking.  We’re gonna have to get some things taken care of around here to make it easier for you.  Because it looks like you’re not gonna be able to handle all this by yourself. “

Ya’ think?!

I’ve been restricted from the stairs to the basement.  So - I walk around the house to the door of the basement - to do laundry.  Dwayne carries loads of clothes down.  He brings all the cleaned laundry upstairs for me.

I don't think he'll be barking any disagreement with me - next time I bring up wanting the washer and dryer upstairs.

I’ve been restricted from walking Bruce and Artist - because they haven’t had enough time to learn English - yet.

I am able to feed and get them brushed out before turning them out into the pasture - so I can clean out their stalls.  I walk another mile to set up the hose for filling their water trough.

Alright.  I’m joking about walking the mile to get that done.  But I refuse to lie about walking 5 miles by the time I climb back into bed at night!

Anyway - I turn fans on in the barn and leave the stalls bare - to air out.  Dwayne loads and carries hay to the stalls after he gets home from work.

And it’ll be a while before I can get a few other things done on my own - without his help.  But I had to make a drive into town on Tuesday - to pay bills, of course - and realized I had to hold off on taking any meds until I got home.

Yeah - that didn’t feel so good - either.  Gonna have to think further into the future and do some temporary re-organizing on the time management when it comes to anything requiring a steering wheel and public roads.

I’ve had to begin watering things around the place.  Sadly - the strange winter sent an army of Fire Blight to destroy one of the Bradford Pear Trees.  But the good news is - we were planning on taking those puppies out - anyway.  I don’t like them.  I don’t like any fast-growing tree.  They have weak root systems.  They fall on houses and cars - and power lines.

The storm we had a few weeks ago took out a LOT of our fruit.  We had almost 2 dozen Pink Lady Apples promised.

We are down to 5 apples - no thanks to the hail and incredible winds that came with that storm.  Several of the fruit trees lost limbs.

The " Kay Gray " Grapevines and the Fig tree took a serious hit - but they’re all trying to bounce back now.

I know there are those that will bust up laughing at me when they hear this - but - I refuse to let any of the grass in the Boys’ pasture go brown.  Grass will be green for as long as the water hose stretches.

Partly for pure entertainment.

Yesterday was the hottest day here for 2012 - yet.

I watched birds and cows play in the water sprinkler.

Absolutely hilarious!


Deb said...

Beautiful photos! Sorry you are hurting, hope you get to feeling better soon.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh poor you. Love the bulls.

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