April 21, 2012

Settling In at Their New Home

The great news… The Boys are home!

The other news… It hasn’t been very easy trying to get photos.  Ha!

But that’s okay.  They’re settling in just fine.  They seem to like it here.

Dwayne shot this one with his phone camera.  This corner seems to be their favorite spot.  We’re thinking it’s because of the cool breeze that tends to flow and filter up that way through the Cedars.

These boys don’t know it - yet.  But soon - they’ll be enjoying the summer heat right under those trees!  It’s been the favorite spot for this whole family - actually.

We began introduction into their stalls by letting them share the same stall.  Neither of the boys are tall enough to see over the half-wall dividing two of the stalls.  Depending on which comes first - height or testosterone - the two will come to have their own stall - eventually.

Bruce was ready for a little chow by the time we put them up into their stall for the first night.  Artist - not so ready.  Getting them to go into the barn was hardly any trial - more like a casual - “ Is this what you want?  Okay. “  Come the next morning - both boys were more than ready for breakfast!

Turned ‘em out once they seemed satisfied with having had enough for breakfast.  After a few hours - I headed ‘em back into their barn stall.

Artist was haltered.  Bruce got to play “ Leader of the Pack “ and chose where we all walked around the grazing area.

Knowing Artist would follow Bruce gave me great opportunity to work on some halter training with Artist - and take a baby step into what I intend for their daily routine in the future.

The challenge came when it was time to show Artist the end of the walking routine.  We bickered.  Bruce had gone on over to the far side fence.  Artist couldn’t see him.  We were facing the barn.  Feet dug in - head down - pulling with might.

This was the only time either of these calves has " mooed " a peep! And it was Bruce - " Hey!  I'm the Leader.  You go this way! "  And it caught me totally off guard.  I was not expecting such a tiny sound!

Pats on the butt - and discovering Bruce was coming back up to join us - finally gave Artist reason to walk into the alley of the barn with me.

Once inside the barn alley - I used the words, “ Ya’ ready? “ - before taking off the halter.

He stood there looking at me with this - “ Really?  That’s all? “ look all over his face.  I stepped away to hang up the halter.  He heard a noise and turned around to see Bruce at the door of the barn.  “ Come on Bruce - you can come on in! “  Bruce just casually made his way in.

Next thing I know - the boys decided that they prefer spending time inside the alley of the barn during the peak heat of the day.  There’s another cool breeze that flows through there from the direction of all the trees in the gulley.  And they found it!

Getting them to go in for the night was no sweat yesterday evening.  However - when I went out around 8:30pm - they were just then beginning to eat supper.  So - Dwayne went out a half-hour later and turned lights out.

This morning - after breakfast - Bruce was haltered and tied to the wall post.  We had a session of both boys being brushed while being tied to the post.

I think Bruce is beginning to eat up all the attention.  He “ plopped ” his stance into a total relaxation when I began brushing his chest area.  He stretched his neck with all he had - just leaning into the brush - all the way to his nose!  It was about that time - when Artist walked right up to nuzzle the brush - as if he wanted a turn.  I brushed him on his head a little - he just leaned into it.  He started rubbing against the stall post when I went back to brushing Bruce.

Artist was cool while brushing his entire left side.  Halfway into brushing the right side - he decided he was finished with being tied to the stall post.  We went through a bit of pulling on the lead rope with all his might - swishing the tail - wanting to throw a little fit.

I stepped out - drank some of my coffee - gave the two of us a break.  Walked back in and finished the brushing - while Artist continued pulling on the lead rope all he could.  I allowed him to figure out that I call the shots.  I kept brushing until I was finished.

I stepped away - back over to his left side.  Let him keep yanking on the lead rope.  And we stood there.  “ Artist.  You can’t go outside until you stop pulling on that rope.  I’m not taking that halter off until you be a good boy. “  Shaking my head back and forth.

And then - finally.  He got ticked off - and stepped forward.  He stepped into a proper stance - and I seized the moment.  “ There!  Good Boy.  See?  You did it! Good Boy!

He looked at me with that, “ Really? “ look on his face.  We stood there for a minute.  And then I gave him the, “ Ya’ ready? “  He stood perfectly still while I untied the lead rope and took off the halter.

Opened the stall door!  This is where they were by the time I took this shot.  This is what we get to enjoy looking at while drinking our coffee in the morning!

I just love it!

Bruce will be the one wearing the halter on our next walk - later today.  I have an appointment in Knoxville around noon.

The goal is a morning routine of both boys being brushed in their stalls - before going for that daily morning and evening walk.

They’re gonna gain good weight and shape!

I’m hoping I LOSE weight and get in shape!


Deb said...

Sounds like you are having some fun with them already...they will learn your routine I'm sure. :)

Queenacres said...

They look great! Congrats!