April 18, 2012

The Things You'll Do For Your 4-Legged Babies

( My Sage has NEVER bloomed before! )

I missed a really great Kodak moment today.

Imagine the look on the Cashier's face at WalMart - when she looked up - after - she went to grab the next item to run across the scanner...

Jerking a little and looking at me - before she could contain herself.

It's for the Cattle Rub.  Goes into a mixture to chase off the flies and lice.

Tractor Supply was all out.  And I refuse to use Diesel.

Not on my babies - that will be here tomorrow!

Dwayne's acting really funny.  He keeps walking out to the barn.

You'd think there was something going through labor and delivery in there.

I'll bet neither of us sleep tonight!


Queenacres said...

YAY!! Lots of pics please!

Deb said...

Oh yeah, I bet you ARE excited! To funny about your hubby...just think how he will be tomorrow once they ARE here...he might even sleep out there! *giggle*

A Lady's Life said...

I remember my Dad telling us about the lice they had in the labor camps in Germany. He worked in a garage and had access to diesel oil.So he would smuggle a bottle into their barrack and put a little all over the place.The Germans would come every day to check for BUGS and if the barracks had them they yelled and beat the people for not keeping their place clean. My Dad said they never found any bugs in their barracks but they heard so much yelling from the other barracks because all the bugs ran to them instead.lol
I think this is the best way to keep bugs away even from a garden. Just put a few jars of diesel and let the smell do the rest.Maybe it would work.

WeldrBrat said...

Wow! I had no idea about the diesel and the lice. I think I could compromise with jars. I'll have to try that one! Thanks for the heads up!