April 3, 2012

Here's a Reason for Taking Photos

I'm about to show you shaken Beauty.

Come Saturday afternoon...

She looked like - this.

This is where it came from.

I had never - in my whole life - heard constant - nonstop - rolling thunder - until Saturday.  Never even saw lightening come with this storm.  Only a couple minutes of rain - before being forced to scream at the pups to get down in the basement.

Through the window - upon getting a slight break - before it geared up for another round.

All within less than an hour.  Everybody took a hit.  All our fruit trees - the grapevines - and our sweet Red Dogwood.  We still have fruit coming.  But there won't be as much.

I'm just glad nobody was hurt - no glass was broken - and all roofs are still intact.

My Scrap Layout Credits -

Inked edge from Creme Brulee' by Lady Bug Designs

Elements from Kaytie's Day by Coppercurls Degigns

Alpha - Alpha 5 / Denim 'n Daisies by Just So Scrappy


A Lady's Life said...

The tree is beautiful. Weather is fickle these past years. One never knows from day to day what one is going to get. Guess everything has to have cover.

Deb said...

I'm glad you all are ok at least...even if it did hurt your trees. Hopefully you still get some fruit, even if you don't get as much of it! :)