April 6, 2012

Bits 'n Bitz...

Yeahhhhh - looks like we have one of our Girls struggling.  Believe it or not - this - ( ahem ) - egg - is over 3 inches long.

Is she just having evil thoughts messing with her?

Is she rebelling - trying to keep away from laying the thing - paybacks for not being allowed to run amuck all around our property when I have to leave the house for a while?

Who knows!

The first bloom from 1 of 3 gorgeous Iris plants I won on eBay last year!  They’re in a temporary spot until we can get a planter box built for them.

Dwayne was able to get 2 more gates installed around the pastures we’re fencing off for Artie and the steer.

And we got a portion of the entire back fence finished with the woven wire.  Dwayne had to remove all the barbed wire and pull up all the posts that were installed previously - by the prior owners.

Most of the posts were heavily slanted.  And the barbed wire had been completely stretched.  Horses tend to do things like that - especially when there’s a tempting hay pasture on the other side.

And finally!  Mr. Zucker got his winter coat removed!  Naturally - the weather takes a turn as soon as we get it done.  He’s back in his sweater this morning.

Regardless - he is back to feeling more like himself - again.

Yoda with an attitude.


Deb said...

Outch! It does make you wonder how they lay some of the eggs! LOL

A Lady's Life said...

Love Yoda and the Iris is very special indeed. What vibrant colors!!

Queenacres said...

Your Iris is beautiful! Ya'll have gotten so much done on your place...it really looks nice.

Glad to see that Zucker is doing great too.