March 29, 2012

With Every Cut and Bruise

My husband showed up for work this morning.  It was his normal - everyday - scheduled day to come in to work.

I can only think of a couple times when my husband has taken any personal days off.  One of those occasions took place when I had my - very unexpected - complete abdominal hysterectomy.

Beyond that - he has taken only two sick days - over the entire 11 years we’ve been together.  And he’s taken vacation time.

This past month has been one hell of a challenge for him.  He works 12 hours per work day.  He works 4 days on - 4 days off.  His schedule rolls.  That means - we never have the same days off each week.

It has its pros and cons.  But we’re responsible and mature enough to meet the challenges.  And we appreciate all the benefits our lives receive...  So much that my husband has NEVER called in to work crying “ Sick “ for a hangover.

And during his days off…

This is what he’s been doing.

It’s very difficult for most “ city people “ to comprehend what I’m showing in the photos.  But all the new fencing is what my husband has been working on.

Just for the fencing that we've put in thus far:

24 Round Wooden Corner Posts
13 Corner Wire Support Braces
56 T-Posts
48 Clamps
Over 600 feet of woven field fence wire

He put in all the 12-inch round corner posts - all the other round posts - pounded in all the T Posts - and every single corner brace-rigging.

And that was before stapling and clamping ( 4 clamps ea. ) the woven field fence wire to every single round post and T-post.

Most people doing this kind of work have help - family - kids - friends - neighbors.

I wish they would all get out there with cameras and take pictures of each process they take care of - all the fine details - when it comes to ranching and farming.

Maybe this world would learn to appreciate their efforts a little more.

The help my husband has had...

Our tractor
A borrowed Auger
Our ¾ ton Diesel pickup truck
And me.

For those that do not know me - I am only 4’ 11” in height - and almost 53 years old.

So far - we’ve had to revamp plans for only having one pasture area ready by April 15th.

But that does not mean the work will be over by then.  There is one more pasture area to complete.  And more materials to buy.

All this for our new Bull - and other cattle we’ll be raising.

I ended up hyper-extending my left hand ring finger.  Thought I was gonna have to run him to the E. R. - when one of the straps snapped like a trap on his hand and shaved a knuckle.  The cuts - scrapes - bruises and sore muscles became petty a long time ago.

But we'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other - until we get the job done - even if it gets done by just the two of us.

When it comes to my husband - I can't even find enough words to equal how proud I feel for him - how proud I am to be married to him - how proud I am to bust my butt with him!

We got this far - yesterday - and stopped because we needed time to mow.

I mowed around the house and left side of our property.  Dwayne Bush-hogged the section on the right of the Barn for Artie - the acreage on the opposite side of the far fence - and the path around the hay field in the back.

This little wench was in her glory - finding bugs after the Bush-hogging!


Queenacres said...

Congrats on getting it done! It's not easy and I can SEE what you are accomplishing. It feels good, don't it?!?!?

Deb said...

And proud of him (and yourself) you should be!!! I know thats hard work, and I've always thought the people who had kids to help or friends were extreemly lucky.

We've had a few friends (and my Dad) help us now and then over the years, (mostly in the past year cause of DH's back problems) but have done a lot of the fencing by ourselves...and DH has done most of that himself, as I was busy with other things.

Fencing is never done...just warning ya! *giggle* Least it seems that way to me...we STILL have more we need to do, but our plans are not sure what will happen here yet. Either way, I have no doubt we will be doing more fencing...sometime...somewhere.

You will enjoy having the cows it will be worth it! :-))

WeldrBrat said...

Thanks! He may end up taking more vacation time off so we can get it done. But it's not like we're gonna be able to take some friggin' cruise anytime soon, anyway! LOL

WeldrBrat said...

Funny you should mention, "never being finished...," Deb.

That haunting thought has plagued me since January. LOL

by Chickory Blossom said...

Oh, MAN, are we ever jealous of all that bee-u-tee-ful fencing--job well done!!

T. Cupp said...

Y'all Rock! Country Folk get it done!

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

That fence is BEAUTIFUL!!!... So is the chicken!.... Some our evening fun is seeing how many bumps, bruise and scraps we have!Lol J/K...sort of...

A Lady's Life said...

Aww your little bull is soo cute. No wonder you have so much work to do. The fence looks very good and the chicken looks like she could win in a hen show.
You have a wonderful hard working husband. Farm work may be hard but its also healthy. You learn something every day. Every day is a blessing.:)