April 7, 2012

Countdown Has Begun...

I am trying to do everything I can - to keep myself from - simply - losing it.

I am a wreck.  I’m like a first-time mother - getting ready to go through labor.

Today - I feel as - GOOEY - and green as goose poop.

Yes.  THAT’S what it feels like!

I got an email yesterday morning.

Artist will be coming home on the 19th!  And I am being told, “ Wait until you see Artist, what a chunk! “  This does not help calm my nerves.  Just sayin’!

We have a last bit of woven wire fencing to get up - along with two other gates.  But our greatest concern at this time has been…


Dwayne busted his butt - and knuckles - getting that barn remodeled.  Both of us spent time up in the top portion getting it ready - to be used for hay storage.  And we can’t fine one - single - source for square bales around here - period.  Instead - we’re having to resort to round bales for now - until we get our own field cut and baled.

This next week will be absolutely crazy!  I will be running around like a mini Ty Pennington.  The few days before Artist arrives will be spent on shopping for all the “ Décor “ for his new home!  And then - there’s the issue of a medicine cabinet.

Actually - I already have two cabinets - inside this house - that I would love to put out in that barn.  And I would - if I thought I could get away with it!

But throughout this entire process - I just keep telling myself - “ He’s not a Heifer.  He’s not a Heifer.

In other words - I’m already putting myself through training.

You can be sweet to Heifers.  You can’t be too sweet to a Bull.

Sweet Brats throw ugly fits when they don’t get their way.

Can’t have a spoiled rotten Bull throwing an ugly fit.

Ask my husband about that one!


A Lady's Life said...

Oh boy! If this picture is Artist... I would be loving him all over. He is a cutie.
I keep thinking about the story of the bull that loved to sit and smell flowers instead of fighting in a ring against bull fighters.
I hope he is a nice one like in the story.
But I know I went to one farm when I was a kid and the bull they had was mean. Even to little kids. So I can understand how you feel.

Queenacres said...

Well maybe you should get a baby goat to love on so that you won't be so tempted to spoil Artie :)

Have you tried the feed stores for hay? We've had to buy from feed stores for a couple of months now. It's a bit more expensive but it's good hay and not near the waste as round bales.

Deb said...

Yeah, I don't want to get to "close" to our little bull, cause he does grow up, and when he does, he needs to learn to respect my space. I'm just hoping we don't regret having one, and not making him sing soprano...if you know what I mean! *giggle*

T. Cupp said...

How exciting!