March 25, 2012

I Went Shopping For Toys

I got fed up - yesterday.

Stupid was just all over the television and the Internet.  So - I went shopping.

At Digital Design Den.

I bought more toys.

And I sat down and played with them - all day long!

I haven't done any scrappin' for a long time.  Felt like I just didn't have time for this one thing I love doing so much.  Broke my heart.

And then - I reached a point where I realized - I'm a woman.

I can find excuses - and change my mind.

Right now - we can look out every window of our house - and the beauty of spring is just everywhere!

We can even see the Dogwoods blooming up on the side of the Hay pasture - now that there's been some clearing!

Anybody that knows me - knows - I love the Dogwoods and the Redbuds!

I love taking photos of them, too!

And I will be boring you to tears for the next week - with the fun I'm gonna have with my new toys!

But - I'll bet you'll be wishing you could look out my windows!

Toys I Used -

" Creme Brulee "  Digital Kit.  Get it Here!

" Creme Brulee " Clusters.  Get those Here!

" Sentimental Journey " - No longer available.  ( See - ya' gotta get it in a hurry at the Den!  And then ya' gotta fight with making up your mind - or go broke! )

And ALL these gorgeous toys have been created by LadyBug Designs at Digital Design Den !!!


Queenacres said...

Very Nice!!!

A Lady's Life said...

You are so creative :)

Deb said...

Ohhh, LOVE how you did the layout! Just beautiful! Glad you got some scrapping time, I haven't scrapped in I don't know how long! Actually I tried to do something the other day for my niece's wedding, and couldn't come up with anything finally gave up. I'm way to rusty I guess. LOL