March 16, 2012

Why Say More?

Yesterday was - Absolutely Gorgeous!
And - My prayers have been answered.

The Bradford Pear Trees were loaded with Bees!
Several different Species of Bees! 

The Red Dogwood is thinking about waking up!
Why do these little guys remind me of the baby images in Ultrasounds?

The Belle of Georgia White Peach Tree.
She didn't even mind the heavy pruning this year!

You say - " Huh? "
And I say - " How many Pears will she bear in a couple years?! "

She'll give us huge Plums in a couple years!

Guaranteed Plums with two different Species for Neighbors!

And I ask - " How many Green Kay Gray Grapes this year? "

You snicker.
I daydream - about Figs!

Granny Smith coming to bring us Apples this year?!

She's absolutely blanketed - And I'm amazed!
I cannot wait to see the loads of blooms pop
on Moni's Kwanzan Cherry Tree this year!

Yesterday was just - beyond anymore words!

( Make sure you scroll back up and click on the first photo for a slideshow with larger views! )

1 comment:

Deb said...

Beautiful!!! The grass is actually starting to green up here...still patchy, but least it's started. :)