March 12, 2012

Revamped... Re-purposed... It'll do For Now!

This is what the old Tobacco barn looked like
when we moved in - late 2008.

This is what it looks like - this very morning!

Not only did I help Hubs a bit... but...

I even got the first mowing for this season done over the weekend!

What's next...
Well - the inside is completely clean and tidy.
Sideboards need to be installed onto the framing
between two of the stalls.

Bleach solution - Diatomaceous Earth - Sand - Hay
Christmas Lights - Ice Chests - The Zac Brown Band...


Deb said...

yippee! Glad you got the barn mostly done! Reusing what you had was a great idea. :)

But darn, you are already mowing?! Our grass is still brown here...may be starting to green up, but it still has a LONG way to go! LOL Looking forward to the green!

Peggy said...

I so want your barn!! My goats would love it too.

T. Cupp said...

I love that you repaired the barn! Looks lovely!