March 18, 2012

My Morning in Ireland!

It was a morning full of a fog around our area that gave way to whimsy.  You’d think the land knew this was a special day!

Offered by Mother Nature for the enlightenment of it all - a morning that put us smack into a feeling as if we’d gone to sleep in East Tennessee - and awakened somewhere in Ireland!

We’re in the middle of that crisp season that I adore.  The in-between huddle of ooohs and ahhhs.  No heaters.  No fireplace.  No air conditioner, either.

Just the routine of opening windows in the pitch of darkness in the early morning.  Seeing only the spots of yellow and white from neighboring lights.  Only the sense of hearing has the first nourishment - singing from all the surrounding birds and roosters.

The breeze bringing the coolness from the air inside.  And my mind moves to the thoughts of those temperatures that will climb by 3pm.  Will today be - yet - one more day I get to beat the cost on the electric bill?

Ha!  Yep.  My guilty pleasures are a bit - different.

But yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.  A day to relish and spoil over the joys and frolic established from way back in the days when fairies ruled all the forests - and leprechauns teased while hiding all the gold!

And you risk being pinched - if you’re not wearing your green.  The leprechauns still abound!  Considering I would be trapped in a chair while Lauren ran the gray out of the roots of my mop - touched up a few highlights - and gave me a nice trim…

Did I wear my green?  You betchum!  And so did Lauren!  She's my stylist at the J.C. Penney Hair Salon at Turkey Creek in Knoxville!  And she does a wonderful job!  You should schedule an appointment with her!

And I made out like a leprechaun - cashing in on one hell of a cool deal on a couple pairs of jeans and two new blouses!

But there was one more surprise to be found upon my return home.

Deb!  Look!  Two of ‘em popped during the day - while I was off gallivanting!

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Deb said...

Beautiful! Love misty mornings like that...and so glad your daffy's are blooming! LOL It was odd that yours wasn't and mine was, when you have already mown your lawn, and our's still has brown spots. Totally strange! :-))