March 3, 2012

Watching from the Top of A Hill

We're fine.
We were a lot more blessed than many others...
In East Tennessee and several other states.
There are a few thousand customers
remaining without power this morning.

We could see this coming - all the way from Chattanooga.
And it was nothing of a sight - compared to what followed.
We went into a Tornado Warning shortly upon its arrival.
Down to the Basement is where we headed...
with the two pups and the cat.

If you click on the photo
and look along the tree tops in the background...
You'll see a lower portion of the Great Smoky Mountains.
The blanket of the storm hung over like some domineering Lion.

It was as if Mother Nature was giving birth to full-grown Lions.

Looking toward Oak Ridge, TN. - around 5:30pm yesterday.
Dwayne caught a funnel around 9:40pm...
In the very same spot - with the video capabilities on his Android...
It was huge.  It was too close - as far as we're concerned.
Yet it was close enough to show us one thing.
We have angels looking out for us.
But still - sometimes...
It just doesn't feel very good being the Cow up on The Hill.
Please pray for all those
that suffered by the hands of Mother Nature last night.

- Please -
Designate a safe place in your home or basement...
and stock it with camping and emergency supplies.


Deb said...

I'm glad you stayed safe! :)

Life 101 said...

Believe me, we have a tornado plan at our house here in Empire, Alabama.
The outbreak last year in April missed our house by less than 300 yards.
I respect mother nature.