March 6, 2012

Eating Up Time

Yesterday would be a perfect example of how every day has gone for about the past few weeks.  It began with setting up to make Homemade Chicken Broth with the carcass left over from a chicken I baked a couple days ago.

Took a package of stew meat from the freezer and set it up to thaw in the nuker.  And then I put my coat on and ran downstairs to transfer last night’s load of laundry from the washer to the dryer.  And put another load in the washer.

I came back up and began prepping more veggies for making Homemade Beef Soup.  Got the stew meat thawed and… got the beef soup rolling.

And then I put my coat on and headed out to feed - water - and turn The Girls out into the Big yard.

Came back inside and headed back downstairs to fold and hang laundry - before transferring the load from the washer to the dryer.  And put another load in the washer.

Headed back up stairs and began the process - which takes me about 3 hours - to make these two loaves of bread.

And in between all this - of course - I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off - running up and down stairs to the basement to take care of laundry - and taking care of other crap.

But once I got the two loaves of bread baked - I began beating up my Mix-Master again…

Baking Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.

I was tired.  It was late.  So I copped out on the Lazy Bus with these!

But hey - either way…

They still taste absolutely just as wonderful!

And I will say it for myself...

I earned the moment I took to enjoy that bar with a cup of fresh coffee!

As for today - it's a road trip - out to pick up fence posts and order up the metal roof and siding.


Deb said...

Busy, Busy! Seems like I'm always busy too! LOL Just think, when you get your cows, you will be even busier! LOL

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