March 2, 2012

Hit The Floor Running - Before the Rain Gets Here!

( Our " Granny Smith " Apple Tree is waking up! )

The past couple weeks have been - really - weird.  I guess it’s true when they say - “ Wanna see God laugh?  Make a plan!

The crazy spring-like weather has tried to stomp mud puddles in our way all it can.  Not working.  We just keep revamping the list - and rolling with the flow.

Getting things knocked off that list!

( Ohhhhh, just look!  We're gonna have LOTS of Plums. Shuddup and play along! )

I made my usual run to handle errands in Lenoir City - yesterday.

Ohhh!  I saw Bradford Pear trees blooming!  And I saw Hubs' favorite two trees ( Huge " Jane " Magnolia trees covering a mobile home ) busting loose with color - too!

After getting all the groceries put away - handing out treats to the pups and checking on the girls - I headed outside to help Dwayne measure fence line for Artie and Bruce.

I don’t have the courage to tell him that he didn’t measure enough.

He’s gonna need more.  But there’s time.  Better to wait - and let him learn the hard way.  ( One less argument. )

Today - we’re headed off to pick up bundles of fencing wire - hinges and other hardware for inside the barn - and a refill of Zucker’s prescription for Thyroxine.  We’re also stopping to check on one more source for roofing/sheeting metal.

Tomorrow - while the rain heads for other places - we go for round fence posts.  If time allows - Hubs wants to construct doors for the stalls in the barn.

( That " Belle of Georgia " Peach tree is perkin' up, too! )

Sometimes - it seems like there’s so little going on around here.  But there are all the other chores - in between getting all this extra stuff taken care of.

I have to go downstairs to get anything out of the pantry and freezers - or do laundry.  ( I do massive amounts of cooking - baking - and laundry.  No.  Seriously.  I do.  I really do. )  I have to go out across acreage to get to the chicken coop.  I get my - ahem - “ walking “ done each day.  The pups and the girls see to that!

But when the weather has been beautiful - the pups and I have taken off for walks around the hay pasture - as well.

It wears ‘em both out.

They disappear.

I can vacuum and steam mop.


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Deb said...

It's always kinda funny how after a good romp, the dogs have to take a nice long nap...makes it a little quieter in the house, with them in their beds. :)