March 9, 2012

Full Moons - Fountains - and - Full Monte Lessons

Before I get started on anything else - I need to make a public request to Scotty Mayfield.

Scotty - Today is a Full Moon.  Get the wrapper off this product - immediately.  Please.

I ended up with a Chocolate Milk Fountain flowing all over me - while I was behind the wheel - at the red light - coming out of Food City in Lenoir City!

The lid would only crack loose just enough - before the wrapper spun and caused me to squish the bottle to keep from dropping the whole darn thing!

And the light turned Green!

Why did you approve changing that labeling?  I ALWAYS get me one of these when I go grocery shopping.  It’s my treat.  I get to buy it if I’m a good girl - and stick to my list. ( And if I’m alone - I buy one anyway - even if I blow up the list! )

But I ain’t buying another one of these - as long as that cheesy label’s on there, Scotty!  I’ll buy one of your competitors!!!!  Guess you’ll just have to sell one or two of your cows to cover that election campaign funding!  ;)~

On my way home from Food City - I ended up with a cop following me - all the way back into town.  He should have followed me a lot further.

I ended up with some little wench in her brand new Navy Blue pretty ( but stupid ) Ford Pickup - riding my butt like she wanted to climb on and save gas!

I was already heading down Hwy. 72 - doing 60mph in my little Putt-Putt… bending with a little patience toward her.  But she just wasn’t happy enough to step back any.

So - keeping my eyes bouncing back and forth to my rear view mirror - I just waited for the right moment.

Sure ’nuff.  She did it! * snicker *

That hand let go of that steering wheel and slid down to let her wrist take control of her little toy.  And I slammed on my breaks!!!  Put that wench sideways.  Punched it.  Never saw her again.

She never would have found me.  I was up here with Hubs.

We got…

Yyyyessss.  WE GOT the tin roof put on yesterday!  Noooo.  I ain’t saying how we managed to get those panels all the way up there - over 13 feet in the air.

It’s a secret between Hubs ‘n me.  But it was genius!!

And it came - after - a whole lotta yelling ‘n screamin’.  And he finally heard the magic words that let us get on with the show.

“ Keep diggin’ that hole, Dog! “

He didn’t wanna end up doing it all by himself.

( The part Dwayne's working on... it's called "Faux Rusted Metal."  It's made out of - wood. )

So we managed to make it through this evening - and got this much more done!

But somebody else did win a battle with me.

Spinner decided to initiate an #OMBC Protest ( “ Occupy Master Bedroom Curtains “ ) - insisting I not wash them - yet.

I just went back out to the barn.


Deb said...

The barn is looking good! Hope you can get it finished soon. :)

Peggy said...

You handle your crazy days so much better than me. LOL

T. Cupp said...

The barn is looking wonderful! I love it!

BTW, I hate driving in the Knoxville area.

d.a. said...

AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Tailgaters drive me batshit crazy! Most times I'll just pull over and let them pass to put them out of my misery, but I think you just fulfilled a fantasy of mine. LOL!