March 21, 2012

Diggin' Holes

The past several days have been testing our nerves.  Our age.  Our Strength.  Our Minds.  Our muscles.

Even our love for fishing.

All those self-proclaimed Exercise Gurus say you should never keep consistent with the same exercise routine - in order to get back into shape.  We have - certainly - abided by that advice over this past week.

However - I can’t decide if they’re legit - or - if their angst for making a fast buck overlooks the torture that results from them just opening their mouths.

But the sight from the back porch is looking better every day.  We got a lot accomplished this last round of days off.

There are a total of 19 corner posts ( 12” in diameter ) that went in.  And I helped set in 13 of them.  Had to cram getting the mowing done after that - before darkness fell.  I think we have 3 or 4 more to go.  That will give the boys two good areas for grazing.

We got pasture seed down before spreading straw over that to keep any rain from washing it away.

Somewhere in between all that - I managed to get laundry and a few other things done.

Even baked a double batch of Peanut Butter Cookies.

And I had to go out and scare Zucker back home by firing off my pistol.  ( Typical male.  How quickly they forget! )

There was a bunch more that went on in between.  But I won't get in to all that.  I mean - there's just the usual crap you have to do in your daily life that is so mundane and expected.  Ya' know?

But yesterday.  Yeah - yesterday.  We had a really sucky day of fishing yesterday.  They’re keeping the water levels in all of the Loudon Dam area so low that all the old farts are bumping each other in one spot between the dam and one of the small locks.

And the weather has been so insane that the fish don’t even know what to do.  ( “ Should we go spawn or not - Alice? “  “ Well - how the hell should I know anything more than you, Mel?!! “ )

Today - I get to relax.  It’s only gonna be simple housework.  Yay.

And thank God for B100 vitamins - Magnesium supplement -Glucosamine with Chondroitin - and Allergy meds.

Hubs is even taking ‘em.

I swear it.  We are not trying to kill ourselves.

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Deb said...

Ha Ha, well hey, least you didn't have to dig the holes by me, that would have been worse! A few of ours had to be, cause of the are they were in. But once it's done you will be so happy...that is, if fencing is ever done, I haven't noticed that it is yet. :)