March 22, 2012

Here Today - Gone Tomorrow

This would be only 1 out of a million reasons why everyone should stop - slow down - and - really - pay attention - to all things surrounding us during this spring.

Both - our " Pink Lady " and " Granny Smith " Apple trees are blooming so wonderfully!

Apparently - the crazy weather happening around this world could bring a much quicker - and shorter - spring season than we’d all hope for.

And there is so much we can miss out on - when we don’t stop - and get a little closer - to enjoy the view of all the color - that nature is offering right now.

To stand this far from Monica’s Kwanzan Cherry tree

Would mean missing out on catching all the colorful glory that this beauty is just now beginning to wake up and get ready to burst out loud!

The Red Dogwood.  While our local Dogwood Arts Festival doesn’t actually begin for about another month - the Dogwood and Redbud trees have already begun to pop and bloom. ( These little puppies are only about an inch big right now! )

Lucky to be one that stops to get a closer look at everything in spring - I get this wonderful surprise!

Each and every bud popping on our " Kay Gray " Grape Vines has clusters of grapes coming!  This is its 3rd year here - and the year for the first real show!

I’m feeling much better about having stood my ground on my decision made last year.

There will be no gardening for 2012 at our house.

This year is about animals.

Finishing up on Corner Posts and getting all the fencing up for the Dexters will be the objective on our next round of days off.

Besides - It’s not like I really get any choice in a losing battle between me and the little “ Tillers “ that now get to roam our place during the day.

Well - they have been roaming - until the pasture seed went down around the barn and other areas needing overseeded.  Once The Girls ganged up by the barn - thinking Christmas had come - it was decided they need to stay in their big yard until the hay comes up.

With all the color in spring - comes all the quirky moments that the season tends to bring about.

The newest leaves on our Fig tree are popping out on the very end of the pruned branches.

And they all stand up like this - as if somebody’s holding a gun and getting’ ready to rob ‘em.

And when we get the days with temps in the 80’s…

Zucker decides to become a pig.  He thinks hot weather means the Skinks are around!

Spring will be fast and furious this year.

But when it comes to the gardening - I will be taking a break.  Instead - I’ll hit up the local Farmer’s Markets and buy surplus.

Just because you don’t grow a vegetable garden does not mean no canning!

Make sure you stop - get closer - and soak in all the beauty of this spring you are able to be around this year!

It'll be gone much sooner this year - compared to all the other spring seasons we've all taken for granted.


Deb said...

I figured spring would be gone before we knew it, the way it's bursting out all over...just hope summer isn't to hot and dry!

Lucky you...not gardening this year, wish we weren't...but want the extra food, so will do our best again this year. :)

T. Cupp said...

Slow down? I don't even have time to breathe! Your photos are beautiful!

Tammy who is reading my favorite blogs on my smart phone while milking.

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I love that dark tulip!! I so wish we had apple trees!! And a few other fruit trees.. I think I smothered my Raspberries. I may have to start them again..