February 6, 2012

Child Labor Laws – How it Affects Farming

Child Labor Laws – How it Affects Farming

Thanks to Terry Olsen and Titan Outlet Store for sharing this with the public.  I encourage everyone to take time to read all the information and help that's been provided for understanding this situation.


Deb said...

All I have to say is the government needs to stop trying to control EVERYTHING. Yes it's sad if a child is worked TO much, but a child DOES need to learn to work, and working on a farm is good for them...even if some of them don't like it. It's up to the parents how much work they do, not the government.

WeldrBrat said...

True. One must look down the road. Do we really want the government telling us how many times we're allowed to flush our toilets? And at what times during the day.

That's the level for which their behavior has reached. If they get an inch - they'll take a whole damned country.

Nobody has any right telling me what I can and cannot teach my kids. On the other hand - everybody has the right to stop a parent from shoving their own kid into a life of slavery until they can escape. Unfortunately - there are idiots out there that already do just that thing.