February 5, 2012

Twitter Trolls Trolling in Costumes

If this was Thanksgiving morning - and I had to take a turn mentioning one thing I’m grateful for…

This particular morning I would have to say I am extremely grateful for - that Block Button on Twitter.

There are people on this planet that live on the Internet - hopping around the big ball on their IP address for the sole purpose of hunting victims for their most prized endeavor - a fight.

I have absolutely no idea where this joker came from.  But he goes by his chosen username of...  ( hold on - had to go through my email trash bucket... ) - @DwarfVader on Twitter.

And he can just - move along - as far as I‘m concerned.  Yup.  He and his Avatar.  Darth Vader.

Uh-huh.  I know.

This idiot is just… twisted.   He has issues.  He needs help.  Hell - I even asked him if he has a problem with “ Little Man Syndrome, or something.”

I have no idea what he really wanted - other than a fight.  He’s not on my list.  I’m not following him.  I do not care to follow him.  And he will not be following - Moi’.

This world seems to be breeding more and more of these sub-standard morons.  Their chosen behavior is less than healthier than say - all that a 30-year-old pile of manure is for maggots.

They have issues.

They need help.

All I know is that there is absolutely nothing I can do for this extremely confused Idjitappearing to be enjoying his adventures - trolling on Twitter.

I have nothing nice for him.

I have nothing for him.

I have a life.  A constructive life.

Trolls belong in fairy-tale books.  But as for this particular Troll...

Better for him to stay lost in Twitterland - rather than showing up on my porch.

My  Block Button  isn’t so quiet - nor forgiving.

1 comment:

Deb said...

I have to agree, there are way to many idiots (for want of a better word) out there. Course I don't know how to use twitter myself, I have an account, but have never "tweeted"...don't even watch it all that much. But yeah, have no use for people who just wanna make trouble...either online or in real life.