February 8, 2012

Doggy Foo-Foo And Another Moron Sna-Foo

Doggy Towels

That’s what we call ‘em around here.  And this is nothing.  This isn’t even all the towels that were used.  The house was turned into a Doggy Beauty Parlor yesterday.  Baths were given.  Pedicures.  Clips.  Eyebrow touch-up.  Beard shaping.

The whole Nine Yards!

( I know.  She demands an audience - even while eating. )

Carlie felt - looked and smelled pretty as a female again - until she found a pile of Rabbit manure out by the barn later in the evening.  For a dog that cannot swim - she has a coat that can fight off water enough to make Ducks jealous.  But I’m sure they wouldn’t mind missing out on all the shedding.

Zucker was shaggy-winter hand-clipped to help bring his entire coat back to a somewhat level stance.  It’s now a little more difficult to see all the huge spots from the shaving he took before having stitches and shunts put in to save his butt after his little AWOL adventure.

And he just fits “ Shaggy “ so well.  Makes ya’ laugh.  But he’s got the personality to go with.  And that just makes it that much more fun!

Dwayne attempted to begin tear-down on the roof of the barn - for reconstruction on the “ temporary plan “ until we get the other barn built.

Once again - we come across another “ Moron’s Surprise. “

The former owner used NAILS on the tin roof - instead of screws.  All that perfectly reusable tin - is now worthless - once we tear the barn down.

And he’s had to revamp the plans he had for restructuring the entire roof.

I will be so glad when that thing is no longer in our face.  It will help us get past some really infuriating thoughts that keep regurgitating.

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Deb said...

Isn't that just like a dog to go find something to roll in right after you give them a bath! LOL

Sorry you can't reuse the tin, thats just NOT nice! Course we used, used tin on our barn, and it has holes in it, but still keeps out most of the rain...one of these years we will get it painted...hopefully...and those holes will get filled. (least on the roof...would hate to make the whole thing look good, the neighbors might actually like it for a change. LOL)