February 25, 2012

Bringing On The Comfort!

To every Groundhog in this world - “ Neener - Neener! “  It was the best damn homemade chili made that day!  No sweeter revenge for leaving us to more of this insane weather.

The past few weeks - especially since Groundhog Day - things have been quite full of anxiety over a Honey-Do List needing immediate attention around here.

Naturally - it always pertains to something that gives Mother Nature opportunity to take some great pleasure with enjoying her skills for slamming down bad weather.

And in the middle of it all - of course - I reached a point where I wasn’t quite so sure I was going to be able to get out of bed one morning.  The chronic pain was about to take me down - all the way.

It was the second morning in a row - when I was awakened around 4am with this incredible burning migraine headache.  Felt like a helmet on my head - just radiating my brain.

Come Saturday morning ( why is it always on a weekend? ) - I began experiencing that pinhole-sized hearing coming through my right ear - with the echo.  And the left ear was responding as if it had a wad of gum crammed inside.

( No.  I was never one of those kids.  But I do remember a few! )

Made a trip to see the doctor this past Wednesday.  Sure enough.  Major sinus infection.  Doctor told me the burning helmet of a migraine - was fever.  ( Whouldda thunk? )  I’m taking Amoxicillin - Mucinex and Theraflu.

Obviously - changes are in order.

Yesssss.  He’s posing for a new modeling job.  He’s prissing.  He’s bragging.  He thinks his farts don’t stink.

Zucker has a new bed.  He loves it.

What he doesn’t like about it?  He thinks his new bed is responsible for getting him kicked out of our bed - and confined to our master bath - behind the baby gate.

His new bed is for me - so I can sleep - without worrying about kicking his scrawny butt out of our bed all night long - waking up every few minutes to make sure he‘s okay!

The baby gate?  That’s for Carlie.  That poor girl is under the mistaken notion that she’s entitled to every comfy - whatever - in this whole house!

It’s a definite safe assumption of my needing some sleep in a desperate way - when I don’t even care how much it pisses her off to see somebody have something she can’t get close enough to even sniff!

( Just ask Hubs. )

On a much lighter note…

Ever since Spinner got a loaded stocking for Christmas…

He’s become clingy - in his own way.  He likes to be close.  But not too close to touch.

This fur ball is soooo on my good list.


The Cupp Family Farm said...

Feel better soon! I am in my second week of a durn sinus infection but doing better. That chili looks delicious!

Deb said...

Hate headaches...been having to many of them lately myself, gotta get back to eating better I think...been trying, but keep getting derailed somehow. Hope you get to feeling better soon! :)