February 24, 2012

What a Difference 30* Can Make!

This was the last day of the last round of days off.

He was determined to get this up before
- finally -
calling it quits for that round of days off.

This round of Days Off.
How lucky can ya' get?!  All the crap went around us - yesterday.

 Look.  No jacket!  It was absolutely - gorgeous!

Amazing what you can get done
when Mother Nature decides to be an adult!

It's a bit confusing - at the moment.
But I'll do a " Before vs. After " once I get shots of the boys' first tromp inside to check the place out - after they get here - of course! 

He looks like a little boy up there! 

And THIS was in the shade - on our back porch!
Carlie and I even talked about puttin' on bikinis!

She says her butt won't fit in hers, anymore.

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Deb said...

Wow, lucky you! We haven't gotten that warm here yet! LOL Glad you got some work done on your barn though! :)