February 26, 2012

Chocolate Chip Brownies For My Hero!

Dwayne’s been working so hard on this barn.  The winds and the chill were ridiculous yesterday.  But he got quite a bit done this round of days off - despite two days of crappy weather keeping us inside.

Fortunately - there was work he could do inside the barn that kept him out of the wind.

In the middle of handling other chores inside the house - I made him a double-batch of Chocolate Chip Brownies ( click here for the recipe! ) - totally from scratch.

Took one out to him as soon as they came out of the oven!

He doesn’t like nuts in his brownies.  ( Didn’t have any - anyway! )  I’d munched on a few of the double-size bag of milk chocolate chips - when I had a craving for chocolate a couple weeks ago.  But I had equal the amount of left-over semi-sweet chocolate chips.  So I threw those in there!

Whoops!  Only had 3 of the 4 teaspoons vanilla called for - so I kicked in a teaspoon of Almond extract.

And just for fun - I snuck in 4 teaspoons of instant coffee granules!

The double batch was too much - even for my 13”x18” Nordicware baking sheet ( click here to order these! ).  So - I used my round Fire King cassarole dish to bake the remaining mix.

Tasty Success!

But now we’re wondering if I’ll be able to screw up like this - again.

This view of the barn shows the top level that Dwayne is going to remove.  See the new 2”x6” above the door on the outside of the barn?

That will be the new roof.  As you can see - enough area for storing hay is left above the stalls.

My husband thinks of everything!  He’s so talented!  Very cost-efficient, too.  Just a couple of the reasons why I love him so much!

And he takes so much pride in the work he does - to the point of becoming anal at times.

I mean - he even wanted extra stability in the doorways of this - temporarily repurposed structure.

And when he finished with that - He stood up straight - turned around…

And caught a glimpse of this.

We now have to set up a ramp to get the tractor-mower out of the barn.

And that brings to mind one more reason why I love him so much.

He makes me laugh!


The Cupp Family Farm said...


Sounds like you got a keeper! And I know he appreciates what he has in you! Those brownies look divine!

Deb said...

Yum! Love brownies!! :-)) Funny that he now has to modify his fix, to get the lawn mower out. LOL

Peggy said...

Love when I throw things in a recipe to make up for whats missing. Seems to taste lots better.