January 5, 2012

Wrapping Up Christmas 2011

Christmas Day with Jen and Josh was so much fun this year!  Several of the gifts received brought lots of laughs!  Jen’s new winter hat was no exception!

The girl was raised to share her toys.  And that principle remains steadfast and forever embedded in her heart and blood!

Unfortunately…  Zucker and Carlie didn’t seem to be up for enjoying any sharing of that hat with Jen.

It may have had something to do with the fact that I may or may not have mentioned the word " Ewok. "  The argument is still out on that one.

Was it the camera - or - was that just pure disdain - disgust and embarrassment in their eyes?

The guys created destruction and displacement of the living room furniture - of course.  Apparently - that’s part of the ‘ ambience ‘ for playing Xbox360??

We had supper that evening - a challenge to endure.  The Ham we purchased from Food City was nothing we anticipated - compared to what we’d purchased from Walmart a few years ago.

The ham from Walmart was considered to be a Salt-Cured Ham.  The ham from Food City was considered to be a Smoked Ham.  Were it not for time travels - you’d think the two hams were switched!

The Salt-Cured Ham baked out with the most wonderful - tasty - flavor! But the so-called ‘ Smoked Ham ‘ we purchased from Food City had us all putting a severe dent in the mashed potatoes!

We did survive.  Fortunately - so did this year’s Ham.  It did not make it to the trash!

It was kinda like the “ lemonade outta lemons “ thing.

Only… it landed in quart jars and headed to the Pressure Canner!

I guess we'll succumb to buying the next ham at Walmart.

Last shot of our main Christmas Tree before we took it down.  Hubs had to work on New Year’s Day.  So we put away all the Christmas décor beforehand.

Looks almost like some type of hedge growing in the dining area!

Some people would leave the candy canes stuck to the candle that gave me a little bit of fun!  But not me.

I bought a couple of the big bags of chocolate chips and a bag of coconut at the grocery store.  I already have a few jars of cocktail cherries.

I’ve got plans.


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Deb said...

I'm glad you had a good time with your family. :-))